Guardians Of The Galaxy #6 (Sit back Thanos Spoilers)

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Title: This guy, right?

Guardians Of The Galaxy #6 (Sit back Thanos Spoilers)

Postby Punchy » Wed Sep 25, 2013 5:33 pm

Man, it feels like it’s been a long time since the last issue of GotG. I’m not crazy right? It’s been like two months! Anyways, whilst this issue probably wasn’t worth waiting that long for, it was still very good. Bendis is obviously having a blast writing these characters, and that translates to a fun comic, even if it does have a dark edge.

This book is mainly focused on two plotlines, the first of which is the arrival of Angela to the Marvel Universe. I have never read any Spawn, so I don’t know who Angela is or why I should care, but this issue did a pretty good job at showcasing that Angela is fucking bad-ass and that maybe I should care a little. Most of this issue was a fight between Angela and the Guardians, and she basically kicked all of their asses. She beat Gamora, she exploded Groot to shit, and she was even taking Drax to the limit and absorbing Rocket Raccoon’s laser blasts. The likes of Drax and Gamora are up there with Marvel’s strongest hitters, so seeing Angela whup them was interesting indeed. I know that I should really care about this playground ‘who could beat who in a fight’ thing, but sometimes you can’t help yourself. In the end, the only thing able to fell Angela was a blast from Star-Lord’s Element Gun.

I think the presence of The Watcher here also added to Angela seeming important, he was there watching this (duh), and he seems scared of her. I know a lot of people feel that having Uatu show up in a story is kind of a cheap trick that has been over-used recently, and I do agree that stuff like him appearing in Civil War was a little weird, I do still find his involvement here effective, it may be cheap, but I trust Bendis.

The other plotline here was Star-Lord confronting Thanos about the Time-Quake vision that he had in #5. This was a great scene, with Quill actually standing up to Thanos, and Bendis doing a good job at explaining what happened with Age Of Ultron and the nature of time in the Marvel Universe, and how that now means that Earth is even more of a target, making Star-Lord’s job even harder. Bendis doesn’t explicitly link this scene with Infinity, but you can definitely read that into it if you want. I also loved that this confrontation was drawn by Olivier Coipel, who draws a fucking amazing Thanos, he looked so good. Sara Pichelli also does a brilliant job on the rest of the book, her style is so fluid, it makes for great space-fisticuffs. Her art has also gone a long way in defining Angela, who hasn’t yet said anything, her personality and traits have had to all be portrayed by Pichelli’s art, and she, along with The Watcher have made her awesome.

Another strong issue of this book, let’s just hope it’s not as long until the next one!


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Re: Guardians Of The Galaxy #6 (Sit back Thanos Spoilers)

Postby Stephen Day » Sun Sep 29, 2013 1:52 pm

I agree about Angela, she's been quickly established as a mysterious and dangerous new character to the MU. That's probably the best way that Bendis could have done and it was wise of him to realize this.

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