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Batman/Superman #3.1 - Doomsday (Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:52 am

This was a weird one, I enjoyed it, but it was a little bit confusing, and I’m not quite sure what it was trying to accomplish. I do trust Greg Pak though, he’s going to be writing 2 Superman titles in the near future, so this stuff should be explained.

We open on a pre-destruction Krypton, with the El Clan attending a ‘Remembrance Day’ celebration, with the citizens of Krypton remembering the people who died when the mysterious monster ‘Doomsday’ attacked a few years ago. Lara remembers how she fought Doomsday, and how he was massively strong and powerful, and how it took then Colonel Zod to stop him.

These memories are interrupted by a young Supergirl, who has been listening into this story, and was scared. Zor-El tries to comfort his daughter, and reads to her from a book that tells the legend of how the House Of El will end (and the book looks suspiciously like the Polybag that covered Superman #75 back in the day). This legend is a retelling of the story of Superman, and also of the Death Of Superman, with Doomsday coming out of nowhere to kill him, followed by a bunch of new heroes arising in Superman’s place. We see stylised takes on Supergirl, on Superboy, on Steel, Eradicator and Power Girl. This whole story felt weird to me, I thought DC had said that Superman died and come back in the interim period between his debut, and the present day of the DCU? Has that changed? Has ‘The Death And Return Of Superman’ already happened in the New 52? Or are we going to get a retelling soon? It’s confusing.

Adding to that confusion is the appearance of General Zod in this issue, who is somehow able to communicate with Kara Zor-El from the Phantom Zone, and seems to be in there with Doomsday. Is Pak implying that Zod is the one who created Doomsday like he did the fake aliens in his own one-shot? This book has just raised so many questions, but I suppose that’s a good thing.

The art here from Brett Booth was OK, I’m not a huge fan of his style, but he does draw an imposing Doomsday, for some reason that character looks best when drawn with plenty of 90s bombast. So yeah, and odd one, let’s hope Pak can clear this up in future issues of Batman/Superman and Action Comics.

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