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Batman #23.4 - Bane (Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:53 am

I didn’t really like this one, mainly because it was all set-up for a mini-series I have no interest in, Forever Evil: Arkham War. Once again, the biggest problem with Villain’s Month is not the covers, but the fact that until you read them, you have no idea what each of these stories is connected to. That said, Bane is still kind of a bad-ass, and it was cool to see one of his creators, Graham Nolan, draw him again, and that they’ve undone the insane hulking reboot job somewhat.

The issue begins with Bane back in Santa Prisca, fighting some people who oppose him, and generally being a tough motherfucker, breaking backs, etc etc. We think there’s going to be a scene where he’s confronted by an innocent child who doesn’t want him to kill her daddy, but nope, she does want her dad dead, because she respects Bane more than him. That was a cool little twist, and one that shows the strange devotion Bane can inspire.
Bane then begins to set sail for Gotham City, which is left defenceless due to Batman being ‘dead’ at the hands of the Crime Syndicate, and for some reason the Court Of Owls is gone too. Bane is seen looking at a Secret Society coin, so it looks like he’s working for them, but later on, he says he wants to attack Scarecrow, who is a part of the Society, so I’m not quite sure about what his motivations are here, is he attacking Blackgate as part of the CSA’s whole deal, or is he acting against them and just repeating what he did in Knightfall? It’s not very well explained.

We then get a recap of Bane’s origin story, which is always welcome, it’s a really great origin, and we also see who the people in charge at Blackgate are. Bane says ‘Gotham is mine’ and yada-yada-yada, I don’t really care. This was an OK one-shot, Tomasi can write Bane well, and Nolan’s art was excellent, you can tell he cares for his creation, but I suppose my dislike of this was on me, I suppose if I want to find out more I should pick up Arkham War, but I just don’t care, oh well.

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