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Review: Star Wars Legacy II #7

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Postby LOLtron » Thu Sep 26, 2013 2:43 pm

Review: Star Wars Legacy II #7

Ania Solo and Jao Assam attempt to track down Darth Wredd.

Let me preface this and any and all future Star Wars reviews; I'm a huge Star Wars nut. My Lego Millenium Falcon and the forearm Death Star tattoo can attest to that. Which brings us to Star Wars Legacy II #7 by Corrina Bechko, Gabriel Hardman and Brian Albert Thies published by Dark Horse Comics.

Bechko and Hardman write a gripping tale of Ania Solo, descendent of Han Solo, and the Mon Calamarian Sauk are trying to hunt down Darth Wredd. Solo is mainly accompanied by Imperial Knight Jao Assam while Sauk is with AG-37 on their ship. After having a vision, Jao Assam decides that his planet shouldn’t stand aside as Darth Wredd starts killing other Sith so he deserts the army and joins Ania. They go through criminal records looking for activity in their vicinity which lets them find Dieben on the planet Nalyd. Once there, they find him standing trial and rescue him in an attempt to gain information from him. This is a page turner, especially once it gets to the trial. I liked the quick pacing as it implies the importance that time is of the essence in capturing Darth Wredd.

As gripping of a plot, Thies’ art didn’t really do it for me. The scratchiness built in with an airbrushed style didn’t sit well. Odd-bodied Stormtroopers in the backgrounds were inattentive. I feel that Stormtroopers should always be at attention and should have the same frames as they’re cloned from the same person. I did enjoy the color schemes by Rachelle Rosenberg. Each page seemed to have one main color idea such as a blue or a red. Michael Heisler did great with the letters and the sound effects. The BDOW from the blasters contrast great with the pages. The cover by Livio Ramondelli really showcases the main color themes of blue and red.

I’m not too well informed on the Legacy era but I like stories such as this one because it’s a different take on a familiar feeling. It’s all the stories you love about intrigue and fantasy with giant ride on spiders on the planet Nalyd. I was able to look past the grievances with the art because I found the story interesting and fast paced.

Written or Contributed by Tim Midura


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