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These Vampires Are Scary When They Sparkle : Bushido #2 Review

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Postby LOLtron » Tue Oct 08, 2013 3:19 pm

These Vampires Are Scary When They Sparkle : Bushido #2 Review

The twilight is in their eyes, but these vampires aren't here to win your heart with mixtapes, these guys have a plan.

Source: Top Cow / Heroes and Villains Entertainment

Bushido #2 is to be released October 9th and I have to say, this second issue is really progressing well. Last issue, the vampires were pretty frightening with their eyes glowing blue, tracing along the panel to show how fast they move. The eye twinkle is something that really sets the creepy mood, plus their faces are monkey or wolf like, I can't tell. It's cool in the not Buffy/Angel way. Eerie and evil as they are, it looks like they just got one-upped by some sort of werewolf vampire mix. Ya, it’s about to get nasty (in a good way) for Kichiro. 
I’m not even going to say much about the art here, because I did in the last review, ok yes I will. The art is realistic and surreal at the same time. It’s become one of my favorite recent artworks, and it just fits this genre so well. The lighting is superb. Expressions are spot on. Action is clearly demonstrated. As I mentioned in my interview with writer, Rob Levin, this is one of the few times I would recommend digital over print for standard comics (outside of things like Thrillbent) because you can really get into the great detail that went into the work. 
So what’s going on? Well Kichiro’s brother, Orochi, is a total douche. I’m almost as annoyed with his character as I was with Skyler White in Breaking Bad, or Shane Walsh in The Walking Dead. Where’s the love, Brorochi? Listen to Kichiro, he’s trying to save your Samurguys from the evil Vampirates! Word melding aside, there’s some great action happening. Capturing the skill of a Samurai is hard to do. What sets a Samurai apart from any other sword wielding homeboy? Extraordinary skill and improvisation with a blade. In one panel, Kichiro found a scythe and chops a vampire’s head clean off inches from Orochi’s face while he was lying on the ground fending off said vampire. That level of dexterity and swiftness is pretty wild if you think about it. 
The last frame is my favorite and reveals what’s to happen next in Issue #3, for which a preview will be posted this Friday the 11th. Release for #2 is already out on Comixology, but you can pick it up on October 9th. Rob Levin has more up his sleeve for this series, so it makes for a really fun weekly buy this month. 

Written or Contributed by Luke Anthony


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