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Aspen Comics NYCC Announcements

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Postby LOLtron » Sat Oct 12, 2013 12:57 pm

Aspen Comics NYCC Announcements
Aspen Comics NYCC Announcements
New Aspen Series Debuting in 2014:
“Lola” from creator Siya Oum (Charismagic, Executive Assistant: Iris) will be released in Spring 2014 and features a story fully written and illustrated by Oum. Featuring a post-apocalyptic landscape and one woman’s desire to discover the truth about her missing parents while she traverses the landscape known as the “Wasteland” in search of them.
Aspen Comics NYCC Announcements
Damsels in Excess
“Damsels in Excess” from creator Vince Hernandez (Charismagic, Trish Out of Water) and Mirka Andolfo (Charismagic, Trish Out of Water) is a fairy tale action-adventure series that centers on a young princess, Bethany, who must survive the deadly threat of her fellow princesses of the Five Realms before they destroy her kingdom—and end her life.

Returning Aspen Series in 2014:

Aspen Comics NYCC Announcements
J.T. Krul’s fantasy adventure series “Jirni” returns for a second volume with the original first volume’s art team of Paolo Pantalena and Brett Smith following the breakout success of its initial offering. Aspen will also be releasing a spinoff mini-series written by Krul, “Jirni: Fall of the D’jinn” set for release the same month as the launch of Jirni: Volume 2.
Aspen Comics NYCC Announcements
David Wohl and Brad Foxhoven’s “Legend of the Shadow Clan” returns for a second volume as well, following the hit first story arc. The art team of Cory Smith and John Starr will be returning as the series art team for the next volume.

Aspen Novels New Release – “7 to Die”:
Aspen Novels is set to publish “7 To Die” by author Tag Roberts in 2014. Aspen will be adding another novel to their burgeoning line of books this year with the release of “7 To Die” with more to follow soon. “7 TO DIE” tells the story of Lex MacArthur, a bright, but struggling San Francisco college student who inexplicably receives an enigmatic clay pendant with an etched eight-pointed star in the mail. The pendant, which unlocks a bevy of dormant superhuman genes, also ignites Lex’s mission to discover who she is and where she came from. With several new enemies aggressively pursuing her to extort and capitalize on her newfound abilities, Lex is forced to fight for her life and save those she loves from certain death.

Aspen Offering Digital Omnibus Editions on Comixology:
Aspen has teamed up with Comixology to offer large-scale omnibus editions of their popular flagship series Fathom, Soulfire and Executive Assistant: Iris. The Fathom Omnibus Edition Volumes 1 and 2 are available for purchase now, with the Executive Assistant: Iris and Executive Assistant: Assassins Omnibus Editions available on October 16th. November will see the release of the Soulfire Omnibus Edition Volumes 1 and 2.

Aspen to Produce New Guided View Content For Comixology:
Aspen will be offering all new titles featuring the Guided View feature on Comixology with more news and release dates to be revealed soon.

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