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Gratifying & Epic, Bushido #4 Review & Preview

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Oct 21, 2013 5:58 pm

Gratifying & Epic, Bushido #4 Review & Preview

The way of the Bushido is way, way awesome this issue.

Source: Top Cow / Heroes and Villains Entertainment

"I had no idea what they were capable of. They are not men. They are not even monster. They are a sickness spreading through all of us." - The Shogun

Issue #4 is by far the most gratifying issue of the mini-series yet. As it draws to a close, some tensions rise while others resolve. The series has yet to disappoint, but the conclusion will be key to whether or not this series flourishes or not. No one likes a happy ending better than I, but I hate when it is what you expect to happen from the beginning. Now, that being said what happens in this issue that makes it so gratifying?

Well, for one Kichiro's brother by adoption, Orochi, is having a conflict of heart. He has to find himself ever since he fell prey to turning into a vampire, or "Akuma" (not the Street Fighter) as they're called here. "Akuma" is Japanese for "devil" or "demon" and considering one of the werewolf vampire looking dudes ripped a dude in half in one panel, I'd say that's a pretty apt term. Orochi later has a defining moment that may or may not stick in the conclusion. Kichiro has his dream realized at great cost. Plenty of action and concise, revealing dialogue. Loyalty and honor are great words to drop on paper, but showing examples of it isn't always easy to do. The way of the Bushido is pretty well represented in short. Lastly, something very big is about to go down. The Samurai have dwindled in numbers, and the Akuma have increased theirs. So the conclusion is bound to be action packed.

I may or may not have done things with a knife that I shouldn't have after reading this series so far. Also, an apple slicer. Don't ask. In short, after you read this issue, you will definitely be looking forward to the conclusion, which makes for an exciting pre-halloween if you have as many friends as I do. 

Written or Contributed by Luke Anthony


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