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Sex Toy Fight!!! Sex Criminals #3 Review

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Wed Nov 20, 2013 1:05 pm

Sex Toy Fight!!! Sex Criminals #3 Review

Fat Bottomed Girls performance included.

This book.  This freaking book, guys.  Sex Criminals is a whole damn lot of fun to read.  I mean it.  It’s light hearted, silly, dirty, and just downright hilarious.  I had a big, stupid grin on my face the entire time I was reading this issue.  Image has been throwing out some real winners lately, and Sex Criminals is sitting near the top of the list.

There’s two major scenes in this issue that really stood out for me.  One, being where the two main protagonists stop time inside of a sex shop and proceed to act in a rambunctious manner, throwing dildos and wearing fake boobs over their eyes.  The visuals are hilarious and Zdarsky really nails the silly feeling of the moment, making it playful and mischievous in all the right ways.  Zdarsky’s art helps make this book as great as it is, giving it the cartoony, goofy feeling and not letting it seem too rooted in reality.

The second scene, would be where Suzie “sings” Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen.  Now, Suzie is actually singing it, but Fraction takes over with overlaying text boxes, breaking the third wall, and explains how they couldn’t actually print the lyrics in full without legal issues.  His little explanation is hilarious and it was an awesome surprise.  I think it’s great that they weren’t able to acquire the rights on time, just so Fraction had to write that section of the issue in a very commentary like way.  It even touches upon the iTunes ban without being too serious, making the subject humorous and not letting it take away from the carefree aspect of the title.

Sex Criminals #3 is a great issue with some really great moments.  This issue flows perfectly, pushing the plot forward, while still allowing for the two main characters to display their backstories in a natural way.  The past and present connect excellently, allowing for smooth transitions in and out time periods on the fly.  Fraction and Zdarsky have put together a really wacky concept and are executing it splendidly. 


Verdict: 10/10

Written or Contributed by Radd Roberson

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Staff Writer

Postby Punchy » Fri Nov 22, 2013 11:00 am

This title continues to be a totally unique experience in comics, and that should definitely be applauded. Not every moment or joke works for me, but this is so unlike anything else out there, you have to love it.

After a brief opening scene with Suzie and Jon being cornered by the mysterious white-clad figures whilst trying to rob the bank, we’re back mainly in flashback mode, as Suzie tells us how Jon told her (the structure is kind of messy, but it works) about how he lost his virginity, which is the usual depressingly funny story about not being able to do it right and there being terrible music on in the background. I think the biggest thing to take from this is Jon’s disappointment when the girl didn’t enter ‘Cumworld’ along with him, and how very few people seem able to do it. Jon lists a bunch of other people he’s had sex with, including another man, but then they realise they’ve been talking together for like, 3 days, and they both need to go to work. I did like how they didn’t just immediately move in or whatever, just because they both have this special power, they both need time to think.

The following scenes, with both characters bored out of their minds at work are very funny, especially when Jon goes to the bathroom, jerks off, pauses time and shits in plant-pot. They start texting, and Chip Zdarsky’s art shows texts in a very interesting way, and then Jon takes Suzie to Cumworld, the actual store, which is just as sleazy as it was before. The characters go into a coin-operated booth, and watch a hilarious fictional porn parody of Barton Fink, called, yes, Hard-On Fink, and it starts Johnny Spurturro and it’s directed by The Boen Brothers. Coming up with porn-pun-names is not exactly rocket science, but these are good puns, and just the idea of a Barton Fink porn is funny.

They enter ‘The Quiet after having sex in the booth, and run around the sex shop doing all sorts of funny things, before heading to a bar for the strangest, and I think best scene in the issue. They start talking about how Suzie’s library is closing down, but in the midst of that, ‘Fat-Bottomed Girls’ by Queen comes on, and Suzie starts singing it. Only… the comic can’t show it because they don’t have the rights apparently, so the dialogue balloons are over-layed by Matt Fraction talking to us directly about why they don’t have the rights, and how they might try and have it in the trade. I think Fraction is one of the best writers in comics at going ‘meta’, he did it in Casanova, he did it in FF and this scene was great. I’m guessing that this stuff was the plan all along, and even if they could get the rights, they wouldn’t have just put the song in there. I say this because a) Just repeating the lyrics would not have been nearly as funny and fitting for this book as the meta stuff, and b) I also think they are deliberately playing up the whole ‘Banned by Apple’ thing for attention and knew full well they would be banned, and this is part of it, trying to be notorious. Plus, I fucking hate Queen. But we’ll have to see in the trade paperback. I certainly hope there’s another layer to it.

After this, Jon suggests to Suzie what we already know they end up doing, that they should use their sex-powers to rob the bank, and like an idiot, asks, ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’. Well, we see that worst, and it’s that they are cornered by the mysterious white bad guys, and Jon gets smacked across the face with a dildo. The end. As I said, this book is crazy, and different, and I’m really enjoying how unexpected everything that happens is. I would never have thought there’d be a musical number in this, and added to that, I would never have thought it would go all meta about the music.

Zdarsky’s cartoonish art also contributes to this book’s uniqueness, and I was actually glad to see some female nudity in this issue, previous issues had gone full-frontal for Jon (and his glowing dick), but we hadn’t really seen any boobs, which struck me as odd for a title with this name and this type of content. I’m guessing it’s because female nudity will get certain fan-elements pissed off, but those same fans have no problem with me. But now we’ve got equality! It seemed to be tipping a bit too far in the other way, with people who hate objectifying women in comics, starting to objectify the men (like Noh-Varr in Young Avengers), and really, I get trying to redress the balance, but really, we shouldn’t objectify anyone, and that’s what this book is doing, the sex here is treated with humour, but also with respect (mostly, when not having the villains lick blood off dildos).
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Regular-Sized Poster

Postby guitarsmashley » Sat Nov 23, 2013 2:34 am

Continues to be just a great book. I look forward to giving this book to ashley to read once there is a trades worth of stories.

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