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Superman/Wonder Woman #3 (Min Fadlak Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:12 pm

This title continues to be really rather good, especially as it expands it’s scope a bit to show how other characters are effected by the Superman/Wonder Woman romance, and how they react to it. Charles Soule is doing a good job at writing this series, and I really think a lot of the criticism it’s getting is unwarranted, and probably from people who aren’t even reading it.

The issue begins with Cat Grant finally opening the envelope containing the video of Superman and Wonder Woman kissing, but quickly moves back to focusing on the central romance. Superman is sat on the moon, because after getting zapped by Apollo, he has more power than ever before, and he needs to burn it off, and is afraid that if he’s on Earth, he might lose control. Batman gets in touch with him, and they have a talk about what’s been going on basically. It was fun to see these two characters talk about something as relatable as romantic relationships, and Soule did a good job at getting across just how Superman and Batman are friends, as well as continuing to explore the similarities and differences between Clark and Diana. Batman tells Clark that he was raised as a human, and so sees himself as one, but Diana was raised separate from humanity, and as a princess on top of that, and that he needs to realise that, and not worry about protecting her. Batman, who for someone with such terrible romantic history, is surprisingly full of insight here, also says that, because they are together, he shouldn’t feel guilty about Wonder Woman being attacked by Doomsday, because her problems are now partly his, and vice versa.

Whilst this is going on, Wonder Woman is hanging out with her Amazon friend and worrying about what to buy Superman for Christmas. This of course brings us back to the old question of ‘what do you buy for the man who has everything?’

But before this issue just devolves into just talking and emoting, there’s an interdimensional disturbance to deal with, and that is of course General Zod, who has escaped from the Phantom Zone into the African desert. Zod has a pretty difficult time acclimating to having superpowers, the super-hearing drives him a little nuts, and he stomps on some poor dude’s head. He also attempts rather unsuccessfully to fly, but before he can really get going, he is attacked by Martian Manhunter and some other members of the Justice League Of America. Using this team here makes sense from Soule. Manhunter is one of the few characters who could stand up to Zod in a fight, Vibe specialises in dimensional crap, and well, it gives a chance for Hawkman to look like an idiot, which is always welcome. And of course, they are led by Wonder Woman’s ex, Steve Trevor, which brings a nice level of awkwardness to proceedings when the power couple show up. Wonder Woman gets Zod in her lasso, and Superman and Zod realise that the other is Kryptonian.
Interestingly, Zod is playing the long con here, and pretending to be a good Kryptonian, and Superman actually seems to trust him, which does make sense. We as fans know that Zod is bad news, but Superman doesn’t. I think Supergirl might know the truth, which makes me think she might play a part in this storyline somehow.

Superman and Wonder Woman don’t agree to let Zod go with Steve Trevor, so instead he’s taken off to the Fortress Of Solitude, which is obviously going to be a mistake. Zod keeps asking for Faora, so I wonder where she ended up.

The issue ends with Diana giving Clark his Christmas present, in a really sweet moment, the gift is time. For the next few hours, all the other superheroes will be working extra hard across the world so Superman can stop monitoring everything and just relax with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, he probably won’t get to, as just after they kiss, Superman starts to hear the news, and that news is bad. Cat Grant has gone public, and the whole world now knows that Superman and Wonder Woman are an item. Uh-oh.

I’m enjoying this title a lot, the art is some of Daniel’s best work, the characterisation and dialogue is great, and I like how connected it’s making the DC Universe feel. It’s already brought the worlds of Superman and Wonder Woman together (duh), but now the Justice Leagues are present, and making things more interesting. Plus, General Zod, he’s always great.
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Postby Scintillant-H » Sat Dec 14, 2013 1:37 pm

Punchy wrote:This title continues to be really rather good, especially as it expands it’s scope a bit to show how other characters are effected by the Superman/Wonder Woman romance, and how they react to it. Charles Soule is doing a good job at writing this series, and I really think a lot of the criticism it’s getting is unwarranted, and probably from people who aren’t even reading it.

BAHAHAHA!! I'm reading it and it'a awful! Don't get me wrong, though, I've read far worse. I'll give it credit where it's due, no prob, and some of those notes (most of them, actually) are the art. Although I have quarrel with Wonder Woman's legs from time to time and the mouth's appearances, it's really very good. I love the detail and the linework. I don't usually bother commenting on the lighting because that's either easy airbrushing or even easier CG effects--but that was good, too, while I'm making the good comments.

The visuals is pretty much where I draw the limit of quality. Book 3 started getting stale when Superman had to deal with Apollo. I remember thinking "what the hell? is that all this is going to be? Just Clark going around proving what a badass he is to her family as they troll on him?" I was happy to see him getting all mopey in the moon, since it was a break from that previous theme, but it was annoying to see the corny bonding with Clark and Bruce. It didn't feel like Batman.

On that note, I did like Superman's personality in this. It was... well, I've seen better versions, but it was another nice point to the book here. I was expecting something god-awful and it wasn't as bad as I anticipated. As far as plot-quality (which includes character dialogue and representation right now) Superman's attitude was the fresh air.
I didn't really hate Wonder Woman's attitude, but her stupidity was annoying. She's as bland and worthless as any other in the Nu52, from how it seems in these 3 books. In my head, I pulled an anime move when she had her arms broken and was worrying about what to do next; I fell out of my chair. In my head, mind you. She went on and on about being trained by Gods and how good it made her, more or less, but she can't think to use the rest of her body as a weapon--or other things? Strategy maybe? Distract it, buy some time, use those legs, woman! She can't use the "I was in pain, so it was harder to think" argument because--hello--TRAINED BY GODS.

But that's just one example and I believe that was in book two. I tried to repress things from these books when I could... (sorry for the ramble, though)

I didn't mind her not knowing what to get Clark for Christmas, that was normal enough for any regular person to worry about. I never counted that in her "list of moronic moments."

I hate how this seemed to be a big "isn't Superman SOOO wonderful" book. Hephaustus was the only one I was pleased with. Strife going all "Supermanz yoo be all awsomz tuh me now" was just terrible. It's like she had no other purpose but to be the "he sucks/ I love him now" role. And it wasn't even done well. Overkill is a good word for it, though even without that, the execution of the role wasn't done very well, either. As with everything else, I've seen worse--in parodies that were meant to be INTENTIONALLY crappy.

Apollo only annoyed me because having studied him in school I really don't think he'd be such an asshole. He's arrogant, to be sure, VERY arrogant (he told Cupid how to fire a bow despite being far younger than him--Cupid got revenge... it was sad...) so I was fine with him taking the 'bad guy' image. I didn't care for their adapting quite so much present-day slang and such. I enjoyed the moments when they talked like "aristocrats" which is what you expect from those with a "higher" upbringing. If they had gone too far with it, then it would have been annoying, so I'm not saying it should be "ye olde speake" all the time, just that some of the more "mortal" phrasings felt completely off. Diana herself made sense, since she's more immersed in the human realm than the others.

... and all that is just off the top of my head. There are a few other small "good" points and lots of other "faults."

These are not really my opinions so much as they're just... THERE. Like grass is green, sky looks blue; fact.

However, even in poor stories are elements that others enjoy, causing them to case their "reviews" more on their opinions rather than gauging the actual quality.
Ah... I... didn't really intend for that to be an insult, but... it kinda sounds like one, doesn't it...?
*le hug*
Anyrate, although I do find this series to be EXTREMELY worthless overall, I did enjoy it more than most Nu52 titles. Or, I should say... I hated it LESS than other titles. Meaning that the writer really is doing a meritable job! ^_^
And I am glad that you enjoyed it, yourself. I hear that all over the net from people who are afraid of hurting the feelings of others: "oh, but, I'm glad YOU like it! I'm not trolling on you for liking it! (dont yell at me/report me/get me in trouble--*cower*)"
I hate sounding like them. I don't like the thought of hurting your feelings, but I'm not afraid of speaking my own thoughts nor of the possible backlash from speaking them.

The only good thing about the Nu52 is that, with all the different human beings on this planet, these shitty stories have to appeal to some people. A lot. Some of those people even have very good taste, this just happens to be their thing. Just like I like the "Winx Club". It's one of the WORST cartoon shows I've ever seen, quality-wise, but I love it for what it does to my imagination. It's fun, although horribly written, has shitty songs, terrible monster designs, cliche character personalities and relationships... the only good thing is the glitter.
So, even with the utterly terrible Nu52, there's what good it does in the minds of certain individuals to whom it seems sparkly. :D It's still lame as hell, but it's got it's appeal. I'm waiting to see how this couple breaks up.

I just thought it hilarious that you more or less said the people complaining about the book can only do so if they haven't read it. XDD serious ROFL. I transcribe the books for abridgement later on. Gotta read it to transcribe it. ;)
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Staff Writer

Postby IvCNuB4 » Thu Dec 19, 2013 11:25 am

Wow. How many times did you hit the pipe before writing ALL that ? :lol:
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Johnny Smith

WTF is this rank?

Postby Johnny Smith » Thu Dec 19, 2013 12:48 pm

IvCNuB4 wrote:Wow. How many times did you hit the pipe before writing ALL that ? :lol:

I had to google "Winx Club" :smt017 since I'd never heard of that cartoon before.

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