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Review: Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth #8

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Postby LOLtron » Thu Jan 02, 2014 2:20 pm

Review: Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth #8

Santa is trapped in Hell and only Todd can save him!

Source: Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth #8

                The kings of dark humor Ken Kristensen and M.K. Perker return this week with a Christmas story as only they could tell. Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth #8 continues the adventures Todd and the demon hunting Marxman in Hell. As the Marxman and Todd search for Sandy, the Chief of police continues searching for a black partner so he can increase his TV ratings.

                At the station, Chief finally finds the partner of his dreams: African American Jewish woman Mahogany Davis-Junior.  Meanwhile in Hell, at the most dysfunctional group therapy meeting ever, Satan and his son Craig try working through their many issues.  Satan finds a Bible hidden inside of Craig’s issue of Hustler and finds out that he takes after the God side of the family. Not far away the Marxman and Todd get closer to Satan’s castle as Todd is launched from a catapult used to knock angels out of the sky. Back on Earth a crowd possessed by Rose, the satanic broadcaster, is marching after Todd’s father who is stealing a demonically possessed table. As the Chief and his new partner closed in on him he drops the table and it flies away. Back in hell the Marxman finds his buddy Santa Claus who was hit by Halle Berry’s Oscar and crash landed in hell. Using Santa’s sleigh, Marxman, Todd and Craig leave hell along with Sandy who has been frozen solid in a gold statue. As they make their escape Rose comes back surfing on his demon table and is sliced in half by Santa’s sleigh. Merry Christmas!

                Kristensen and Perker have created anther classic class-less adventure of Todd and his dysfunctional family. Rife with sexual innuendos, borderline racist remarks and good old fashioned dismemberment, Todd is a classic dark comedy and is a must read for anyone looking for one of the most off beat comics ever.

Written or Contributed by Jimmy Gillespie


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