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Green Lantern #27 (The new era of the corps Spoilers)

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Staff Writer

Postby Punchy » Sat Jan 11, 2014 11:24 am

I hope everyone reading this title has also been reading Green Lantern Corps, because if not, the events of this issue will really have come out of nowhere. But I have been reading GLC, so it was awesome for me. Here, the Durlans, who have been sniffing round the edges in that title, causing trouble for John Stewart, really step into the spotlight, and man, things do not look good for Hal Jordan and the entire Corps at all.

Robert Venditti kicks things off with Saint Walker coming out of his comer and learning about all of the messed-up crazy that’s happened since he’s been out. All of the other Blue Lanterns are dead, Kyle Rayner is gone too, and, with the knowledge of the Emotional Reservoir, the GLs are cracking down on the use of the rings by others. Walker is obviously rocked by this, and since the Blue ring is the most powerful of all, it’s also the one causing the most damage, so basically… he loses hope. His ring comes off his finger, and his usual tune of ‘all will be well’, is replaced with ‘all is not well’. It might be a bit on the nose to have Walker, and therefore the whole Corps, literally lose hope, but then, the whole concept of rings powered by emotions is on the nose, so I don’t mind it, and it was a powerful moment.

The story really gets going with the arrival of the prisoners Hal and Kilowog took from the Clann last issue. However, it’s all part of a plan, as a few of them sneak off and meet up with one of the hidden Durlan shape-shifters. They accidentally run right into a bunch of Lanterns in the infirmary, but are able to escape and find their way to Hal’s command-centre, where they take him out, have the Durlan take his form and broadcast a message to the entire universe. I think what’s interesting about the message here is that, technically, none of it is a lie. The GLs have discovered that their rings are harming the universe, they aren’t planning to stop using them, and they are going to stop others from using theirs. All of the things that DurlanHal reveals here are true, it’s just that the real Hal was keeping them secret, which is arguably worse. I love how complex Venditti is willing to go with Hal’s character and his poor decisions, as I said before, under Johns, Hal was basically infallible. Now, he’s a more realistic character, a risk-taker whose risks don’t always come off.

The universe was already turning against the Corps, but now they are doing so violently, as the issue ends with a load of Station Houses across space being attacked. Man, it is dark days for them, and to top it all off, Hal will now have all of his fellow Corpsmen mad at him for revealing the truth, that page with Simon Baz, Guy, Kilowog and The Zamarons reacting was great. I can’t wait to see where Venditti is going with all of this, he and his fellow writers really haven’t been afraid to shake things up, so the next few months will really interesting, especially since #28 is going to also feature the Red Lanterns.

The artwork here is from Dale Eaglesham, who is one of my favourites, his intricate style is perfect for demonstrating the use of green energy, and he just works on this kind of cosmic story. I can’t wait for his Sinestro series.
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Draco x

Not a Kardashian

Postby Draco x » Sat Jan 11, 2014 12:43 pm

Things aren't looking good for Hal in the long run........
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Son of Stein

Postby Amoebas » Sun Jan 12, 2014 10:10 am

If it weren't for this reservoir device that's now running through all the GL books, I'd be loving them. It's not so much what the reservoir is, it's how easily everyone just accepts this brand new and utterly unique concept.

Saint Walker is barely conscious for 1 minute and he's heard enough to just give up his ring. In GL, GL Annual and in GLC, other Lanterns just give up their rings - despite no evidence that using their rings will cause damage to universe 3 billion years later. All they have is the word of Relic (a guy from another universe who was trying to kill them).

I get that this is an allegory to Climate Change here on our Earth, and that if you don't start doing something about it now, it has long term effects in the future. I have no issue with this, it's just that nobody has verified anything other than taking Relic's word for it. Who's to say this universe doesn't operate differently than Relic's. In the Post Infinite Crisis universe, destroying OA would have led to the end of everything but in the New 52, Oa's destruction did nothing except leave the GLC homeless.

I know they need to move this plot device along but just how gullible are these lightsmiths?

And yes, we, the readers, know Relic's word is true, but the characters in the books don't. Kyle has verified it but only after he 'died'.

As for the rest of the book, I love the Durlans and I especially love how much they just Screwed Hal, but (there's always a but)... They left him alive. Now Hal can tell everyone it wasn't him and the hunt for possible shapeshifters can begin - thus revealing a key ingredient to the sinister plan.

And this plan? Mogo has barely been back a month or two but the Braidmen and Durlans orchestrated a plot so intricate that they expected to get captured, held on Mogo, escape and then quickly go in one second from the medical center (and in 2 seconds it takes Soranik to call Hal) they're in the Command Center knocking Hal out. That's not advance planning - the writer's need to expedite the story past the point of logic.

I failed to mention what happened in the Medical Center, which I'm still scratching my head over - both sides don't make sense.

There's a really good story brewing here, but Venditti's pacing skills are severely lacking.

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