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Inhumanity #2 (Jim-From-Akron Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Jan 30, 2014 12:22 pm

This second Inhumanity one-shot (or is it #2 in a 2-issue mini-series? I dunno) is pretty good and full of exciting hints for the future, but much like the last 6 or so months of Fantastic Four and FF books, you can’t help but read it with a sense of missed opportunity. Because Matt Fraction is no longer set to be the writer of the ongoing ‘Inhuman’ series, we won’t get to see the same writer of this issue follow up on these ideas, which is a shame. I’ll still be reading Inhuman because Charles Soule is an excellent writer, but that doesn’t stop me being annoyed that Fraction is no longer on board.

This issue begins with Medusa having a portentous dream, before waking up and finally having to tell Captain America just what the hell is going on with her and her people. Meanwhile, Iron Man and Black Panther are hard at work in a lab trying to work out just how many Inhumans there will be out there now, and how far the Terrigenesis has spread. I thought it was interesting that Fraction makes no mention here of how these two characters, as members of the New Avengers/Illuminati should know that Black Bolt is still alive, either this story takes place before they find out, or the Illuminati are so secretive they won’t even mention it when they are alone. Tony Stark also realises that they aren’t the only ones who are smart enough to work this stuff out, so who else is after the new Inhumans?

Well, quite a few groups in fact, as we see a group of mysterious people in grey robot-suits attack a truck taking a bunch of Terrigen Pods to Attilan, and destroy the pods, killing the soon to be Inhumans. The story then moves to some kind of North Korea-esque dictatorship, which is marching around it’s Terrigen Pods and planning to use them as weapons. This is a mis-direct however, as the Dictator is soon attacked and killed by a group of rogue Inhumans led by ‘The Unspoken’, who I suppose is that Randac guy from Inhumanity #1, a former King who was deposed by Black Bolt’s ancestors. Fraction is setting up a lot of moving parts and enemies for Soule to deal with here, and I can see The Unspoken being a real challenger to Medusa for the Throne.

The issue ends with Medusa finally deciding to take some action, as she hears about some vivisection being performed on Terrigen Pods by those pesky scientists at AIM, she leads a group of Inhumans, including Gorgon and a bunch of others I’ve never heard of to attack AIM, and basically lay down the law. She is not amused, and she will no longer tolerate attacks on her people. Unluckily for Medusa, there are probably going to be more attacks in the future. Also unlucky is that Medusa’s hard edge appears to be just a front, as the issue ends with her weeping over her missing husband and son. Now of course, it’s perfectly understandable for her to be upset at her family being ripped apart and possibly dead, with the various threats hovering around, Medusa will need to get stronger, and fast.

The art here was a bit of a mish-mash, Nick Bradshaw drew the opening and closing pages, and I think his style fit the story very well, his depiction of Medusa’s hair flowing all over the place was particularly good. But in the middle, he’s replaced by Todd Nauck, who I’m usually a big fan of, but here, his pages looked rushed. Much like with Fraction’s leaving, it’s a shame that Bradshaw couldn’t draw all of this, and with Joe Madureira set to draw Inhuman, we could be looking at more artistic inconsistency.
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Draco x

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Postby Draco x » Thu Jan 30, 2014 2:37 pm

Good review here. I would love to see at some point as I have said how Anti-Mutant groups will react to the Inhumans down the road as I am pretty sure the Sentinels might be sent after them in the future.

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