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BOOM! Announces New Sci-Fi/Horror Comic 'The Woods' from Game of Thrones Star James Tynion IV

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:17 pm

BOOM! Announces New Sci-Fi/Horror Comic 'The Woods' from Game of Thrones Star James Tynion IV

A series of BOOM! Studios visual teasers were unexpectedly revealed to be for a new comic.

Source: Press Release

BOOM! Studios sent out a an email today announcing "The Woods," a new comic by Batman Eternal writer and Game of Thrones star James Tynion IV. The announcement marked the culmination of a series of "visual teasers" BOOM had been sending out over the past few weeks, which The Outhouse ignored because we mistook them for spam invitations to join the website and reconnect with our high school friends and sweetheart. The Woods appears to be about a Midwestern high school being suddenly transported to an alien planet, along with all of the students and staff. The series is being billed as "character driven," which has been considered a red flag ever since the final season of the TV show LOST, but it actually looks pretty cool, and gives off a Spielberg movie type vibe.

Asked for comment, Tynion responded, "Your joke doesn't even really work. The actor who plays that character on Game of Thrones is named Peter Dinklage, and anyway it's Tyrion, not Tynion. Are you even trying anymore?"

If you want to learn more about The Woods, CBR has an EXCLUSIVE!!! interview with Tynion, because, though Tynion is eschewing the restrictive boundaries of corporate mainstream superhero comics to explore a world of his own creation, that's not going to stop him from taking advantage of corporate mainstream comics websites with exclusive interviews.

Written or Contributed by Jude Terror


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