p(RU)views featuring WIFE: Magneto #1

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p(RU)views featuring WIFE: Magneto #1

Postby LOLtron » Wed Feb 12, 2014 10:00 am

p(RU)views featuring WIFE: Magneto #1

For some reason, WIFE wouldn't let RU name their first-born "Magneto Rex."

Source: press release

After a long hiatus where Marvel sent a bunch of boring First Looks and other writers stole all the good ones, RU and WIFE return to try and make sense of this "First Look at MAGNETO #1!"

Magneto #1

RU: There’s going to be lots of variant covers.

WIFE: All right then. That will make things make even more sense.

Magneto #1 Cassaday Variant

WIFE: Is he flexing for us? Ooh… you’re a big strong man.

RU: That’s actually one of the better Cassaday images in a while.

Magneto #1 Regular Cover by Paolo Rivera

RU: Ouch!

WIFE: Do you like my hat? No I do not like your hat. Good-bye. Good-bye.

RU: Jesus has nothing on Magneto!

WIFE: That ain’t right, dude.

Magneto #1 Del Mundo Animal Variant

WIFE: See, now they’re just getting silly (she says as she licks her ice cream bowl.)

RU: Meh, after the Scottie Young baby variants, it’s all fair game.

WIFE: I gotta say though, if Magneto were a mouse, that’s pretty accurate.

RU: Yea, that mouse has an attitude. “This is my cheese, bitch!”

Magneto #1 preview page 1

RU: ooohhh, content.

WIFE: Anybody who interrupts coffee is just asking for it.

WIFE: Ohhh, he’s snapping. Is he a Jet or a Shark?

RU: I dunno, lets wait and see if he runs through a Puerto Rican neighborhood screaming “Maria!” and only one window opens.

WIFE: That’s joke’s a little old, don’t you think?

RU: Not as old as your face! BOOSH!

Magneto #1 preview page 2

WIFE: Is each page going to be in a different hue?

RU: Like Traffic?

WIFE: You’re full of very old references today.

RU: *looks up Traffic* Holy fuck, Traffic is 13 years old. Damn

WIFE: Its 2014, dude.

RU: Dude, it’s February, I’m willing to bet it hasn’t had its birthday yet.

*WIFE checks* OK, fine

RU: Is it just me, or do the shadows give Magneto boobs?

WIFE: Oh, that’s Magneto? I thought he was just some bald guy. I’m used to the movie Magneto, he has hair.

RU: I think the bald thing is new in comics. But really, that shadow is like Liefeld-dian Cap boobs. It’s a word!

WIFE: Well, ok then.

Magneto preview page 3

WIFE: Reptile girl? I want to hear more of Reptile Girl, that’s the most interesting thing so far.

RU: Who reads newspapers anymore?

WIFE: Crazy people who make mystery collages on their walls.

Magento preview page #4

WIFE: Is that Cliff Claven?

RU: and you mock my “dated” references?

WIFE: Is this going to turn into a Cheers / West Side Story mash-up? That would be awesome!

RU: No, that would suck so hard. The awesomeness of Cheers would be dwarfed by the shitfest that is West Side Story.

Magneto #1 Young Variant

RU: hehe

WIFE: All right, that wins!

RU: I need to remember to call the comic book store for that variant when Magneto #1 comes out on March 5th, 2014.

WIFE: I want to see the picture again. Hehe. Life’s tough for Magneto. Oh, poor Magneto, no wonder he turned out to be a bad guy. I’d be pretty cranky too if I couldn’t eat cereal.

RU: Ok, in no specific order: He can eat cereal, he’s just being a two year old; I’m not even going into the “bad guy” comment because you’d divorce me for wasting your precious life energy on that clusterfuck, and, as the song goes, “it’s hard out there for a pimp.”

WIFE: That movie made you laugh in very inappropriate places.

RU: Three Six Mafia!


RU: Say what? Three 6 Mafia! It's going down. Y'all know what time it is. We ain't playing with you. In the club, in the street.

WIFE: …I know that song…

RU: Y'all know what time it is? Get ready for it! Step up ready. Yessir! Somebody gonna get they ass kicked. Somebody gonna get their wig split.

WIFE: I’m going to be mad at myself, but what is that from?

RU: Its Mark Henry’s theme song. Beat 'em up, beat 'em up, break his neck, break his neck.

WIFE: sigh…

RU: Beat 'em up, beat 'em up, break his neck, break his neck.

RU: That's what I do!


Protecting Mutants by Any Means Necessary – Your First Look at MAGNETO #1!

He was once the deadliest and most feared mutant on the planet…and he will be again! Starting this March, writer Cullen Bunn and artist Gabriel Hernandez Walta weave a new noir/horror thriller featuring Erik Lehnsherr – known the world over as MAGNETO!

“I think Magneto is definitely an anti-hero,” says series writer Cullen Bunn in an interview with “He’s fighting for the right thing, but his methods are far too extreme. He’s not above breaking the law, stretching the limits of what is moral and putting evil to work for good.”

But Magneto is not the man he once was. And the world is a different, more dangerous place for mutants. Once a member of Cyclops’ team of renegade X-Men, it’s time for him to strike out and defend mutantkind on his own terms. It’s time to wage a new kind of war. One that will not only ensure mutant survival, but restore the Master of Magnetism to his former glory! He’s not afraid to get his hands bloody to do it…and he’ll prove once and for all why you should tremble at the sound of his name.

The one-man-war for mutantkind starts this March in MAGNETO #1!

MAGNETO #1 (JAN140675)
Written by CULLEN BUNN
Variant Covers by JOHN CASSADAY (JAN140676)
FOC –02/10/14 On-Sale -03/05/14 


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Written or Contributed by GHERU



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Re: p(RU)views featuring WIFE: Magneto #1

Postby Supersoldier Washout » Wed Feb 12, 2014 4:13 pm

Good to have you two back!

And I don't know if you get "Mad Props" or "The Gas Face" for knowing the lyrics to Mark Henry's theme music.

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Re: p(RU)views featuring WIFE: Magneto #1

Postby GHERU » Wed Feb 12, 2014 4:14 pm

Supersoldier Washout wrote:Good to have you two back!

And I don't know if you get "Mad Props" or "The Gas Face" for knowing the lyrics to Mark Henry's theme music.

Benderbrau wrote:Welcome to the Outhouse. Where civility means you're doing it wrong.


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Re: p(RU)views featuring WIFE: Magneto #1

Postby GHERU » Thu Feb 13, 2014 9:18 pm

WIFE mandated bump

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Re: p(RU)views featuring WIFE: Magneto #1

Postby Juan Cena » Thu Feb 13, 2014 10:11 pm



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Re: p(RU)views featuring WIFE: Magneto #1

Postby Draco x » Thu Feb 13, 2014 10:38 pm

The premise sounds promising so far.

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Re: p(RU)views featuring WIFE: Magneto #1

Postby SuperginraiX » Fri Feb 14, 2014 8:16 am

As always, RU, you and your wife do a fantastic job. :lol:

But, DAMN, those are some boring preview pages. If those are the best pages in the book, the ones Marvel sent out because they're presumably trying to get people to buy the comic, then this is one of the most easily avoidable books I have ever easily avoided.

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