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Loki: Agent Of Asgard #2 (The rug was ruined Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:09 am

This second issue of Loki, whilst probably not quite as good as #1, was still a hell of a lot of fun and another great example of Al Ewing melding different genres together with a sense of humour to create something that feels new.

The issue begins, appropriately enough for Loki’s new sex-symbol status, at a speed-dating event, where an unseen woman is approached by a series of men telling her lies, but she is instantly able to see through them and know the truth. Of course, Loki is the last one to see her, and she starts to mock him about his costume, and ask him why he’s there. He explains it’s part of his next mission from the All-Mother, and so begins the flashback, where he is approached by his Mothers (in the form of a bowl of punch) and tasked with bringing back Lorelei (the younger sister of The Enchantress, who is in this week’s and next week’s episodes of Agents Of SHIELD, so a nice bit of cross-pollination there) back to Asgard, as they are tired of having rogue Asgardians wandering around Midgard without supervision.

Loki tracks down Lorelei across Europe, where she has become a Con Artist, and eventually we see her pull off her big job, robbing 1 Billion Euros from a Monte Carlo Casino alongside two fellow sexy lady bank-robbers. Loki is telling this story to the mystery woman, which is an effective technique from Ewing, as it keeps us guessing about how exactly Loki stopped Lorelei, and her interruptions and questions mirror ours. This heist sequence was a lot of fun, especially when Lorelei uses her powers on a Casino Guard to make him fall in love with her, and the page is a parody of old Romance Comics, complete with cheesy slogan (“She heisted my heart!”). Loki eventually reveals to Lorelei that he is one of the sexy lady bank-robbers, ‘Trixie The Hacker’, which is a surprise to Lorelei, because the Old Loki would never have stayed in a female form for as long as this, which not only demonstrates that this is a new Loki, but also gives us our first glimpse of the much ballyhooed sexual fluidity of the character. Lorelei escapes through a magic portal, and proving he hasn’t changed that much, Loki steals some of the Billion Euros himself.
So how does this lead to Speed Dating in New York City? Well, with Lorelei having missed out on her big score, she’s had to go small, and that means picking the pockets of lonely, love-lorn men, and where better to find them than Speed Dating? Throughout the issue, we are meant to think that this mysterious woman who can see through lies is Lorelei (or at least, I thought she was, but I might just be stupid), but this book never does what you think, and it isn’t, Lorelei is at the next table, and she, along with everyone else in the room, isn’t seeing Loki for what he truly is, but as his illusion.

So who is this woman? Well, her name is Verity Willis, and ever since she was a kid, she couldn’t be lied to, she didn’t believe Santa was real, and she enjoy fiction because she can’t believe it. I think Verity is going to be a very interesting character, and she’s a perfect pick for a love interest for Loki. Who better to match with the Prince Of Lies than someone who can see through any lie? I can’t wait to see her again, and from the looks of the end of this issue, we will, and actually, she might be less of a love interest and more of a nemesis. We shall see. The issue ends with Loki finally confronting Lorelei, and again surprising us, not bring her in. Instead, he recruits her for a crew of his own, for a job that supposedly dwarfs the Casino Heist. So even though we didn’t see any of Old Loki in this issue, there’s another subplot in it’s place, this book is only just getting started, and already I’m intrigued by at least 3 different things.

Lee Garbett’s artwork impressed me once again with how well he balanced the humour and expressiveness of Loki with the more traditional super-heroic action elements. I’m really liking this book, and unlike my previous experiences with younger Loki, the good stuff is good enough to outweigh any annoying references to cosplay or Harry Styles.

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