Image Comics Previews For April 2

This is the forum for previews. They'll also show up in The News Stand and The Asylum.

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Image Comics Previews For April 2

Postby LOLtron » Sat Mar 29, 2014 10:41 am

Image Comics Previews For April 2

Black Science #5, Invincible Universe #12, Pretty Deadly #5, Starlight #2

Source: Comics Continuum


Black Science #5

Grant discovers the truth about the Pillar’s sabotage, tearing his team apart just as they are launched into a dimension of mad gravity and violent monkey ghosts! How do you survive insanity when you can’t trust anyone around you?

Written by:  Rick Remender
Art & Cover by:  Matteo Scalera, Dean White
32 pages
$3.50 (US)
King Lizard's plan has been unleashed and split the Guardians in two! When the smoke clears, will anyone be left to save the day?

Written by:  Phil Hester
Art & Cover by:  Todd Nauck
32 pages
$2.99  (US)

It’s the ultimate father-daughter showdown as Ginny faces off against Death himself in the bloody conclusion to PRETTY DEADLY’s opening arc.

Written by:  Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art & Cover by:  Emma Rios
32 pages
$3.50  (US)

Duke McQueen once saved an alien world from destruction - but it happened in a place nobody believes in, during a time nobody remembers. Surrounded by memories of his late wife and his happier past, Duke's days as a hero are long gone...or so he thinks! Now, a young visitor from the world Duke once saved is coming to him with a desperate plea for help. It's one last chance at adventure for Duke, and another chapter to unfold in the ever-expanding Millarworld Universe !

Written by:  Mark Millar
Art by:  Goran Parlov
Cover by:  Bill Sienkiewicz
Variant Cover by:  Goran Parlov
32 pages
$2.99  (US)

Written or Contributed by IvCNuB4



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