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Sentry's role and disappearance in Uncanny Avengers.

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Faster Pussycat

Postby A_Drunken_Scot » Mon Apr 07, 2014 3:50 pm

I thought I would make a thread about Sentry's role in the comic and his sudden disappearance thanks to the worm and other things related to the poem he quotes.

So I thought during Sentry's first encounter with Thor their were 3 interesting images I picked up and they seem quite interesting the almost indicate an ulterior motive for the Sentry.

(I'm going to have to point to the timescale on the YouTube video as I cant post links)

Go onto YouTube and search for "Thor vs Death Sentry" and click the first video and watch from 1:11 to 1:29 that will show the 3 scans I was speaking of.)

I wondered perhaps what this could be. It mentions it's masters which are Uriel and Eimin and the premonition which has now come true since Earth has been destroyed (along with the humans) the mutants have been saved and everyone is on Planet X. So this seems to be the premonition complete but what would Sentry need Thor's aid for now?

Now the next part of my question will be quite long (also apologies if it sounds a bit silly) so as you know if you have been reading the comic the Sentry quotes from the poem known as Rime of the Ancient Mariner and as I started looking through the poem I noticed a lot of similarities between Sentry's story in the comic and what happens in the poem, for example on line 42 and 43 of part 5 in the poem it says.

"It had been strange, even in a dream, To have seen those dead men rise."

And ten lines down in the poem it says

"But he said nought to me" which although it doesn't share the same meaning exactly but it is almost a lose wording of how Thor says "I say thee nay!" when he attempts to punch the Sentry. I only take it as being a loose wording as in the poem it features so close together and it does in the comic as well.

And again a couple of lines down in the poem it says "Be calm, thou Wedding-Guest" which again Sentry makes a loose wording by saying "Calm your rage" and again credence is kind of added to the theory by how close it is to each line in the poems.

And coming onto the part of the worm there is again a quote which sounds similar.

"Then like a pawning horse let go,
She made a sudden bound
It flung blood into my head
And I fell down in a swound."

Swound meaning faint/fainted in Old English. And lastly there is a slight indicator if the writers are following the poem that Sentry returns as there is this quote here.

"How long in that same fit I lay,
I have not to declare;
But ere my living my life returned."

So from that we can gather that the Mariner or possibly Sentry will return as ere means before. Again this is if they are following the poem as it clearly looks like they are.

Apologies for the long post.
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Everybody lies!

Postby GOSD » Mon Apr 07, 2014 4:17 pm

Umm...what? :D


Faster Pussycat

Postby A_Drunken_Scot » Mon Apr 07, 2014 4:21 pm

GOSD wrote:Umm...what? :D

You must know what I am talking about. For a forum about comics.

The Old Doctor

Postby The Old Doctor » Mon Apr 07, 2014 6:22 pm

The answer - A small fish.

:smt102 It means that the fictional character written badly by the bad writer will be badly returned. Hey-hey! It's Marvel!
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Silly French Man

Postby habitual » Mon Apr 07, 2014 7:07 pm

A more interesting question would be what the Infinity Watch meant by the Red Onslaught and The Decline were:


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Rain Partier

Postby chap22 » Mon Apr 07, 2014 8:10 pm

habitual wrote:A more interesting question would be what the Infinity Watch meant by the Red Onslaught and The Decline were:



Pretty sure we've seen the Red Onslaught already (at the end of issue 4, or maybe 5, I forget...)


Faster Pussycat

Postby A_Drunken_Scot » Tue Apr 08, 2014 8:04 am

habitual wrote:A more interesting question would be what the Infinity Watch meant by the Red Onslaught and The Decline were:


If I remember that was when there was all the concentration camps, I think it was in issue #11 at the end of the comic. That was only if the Earth wasn't destroyed though. But I am hoping if at least the Sentry comes back joins Thor and kills Eimin or Kang.

I could be wrong though.

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