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Dead Duck and Zombie Chick Radio Show!

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:52 pm

Dead Duck and Zombie Chick Radio Show!

Dead Duck and Zombie Chick Radio Show is now on Kickstarter and needs YOUR help!

Source: Jay Fosgitt

Dead Duck and Zombie Chick by Jay Fosgitt is one of the funnest comics I have had the pleasure of reading. Jay has this kind of zany humor that I love. Dead Duck and Zombie Chick have many adventures together, and Jay almost always puts in a reference of some kind. One of my favorites is a nod to, "The Exorcist". A Catholic Doctor is trying to heal a girl who's apparently been possessed by some sort of potato demon. Zombie Chick saves the day by blasting her in the face with a cookbook for potatoes. 

jay 1

 His artwork is some of the best you'll ever see. His line work is always on point, as are his colors. Everything pops in this magical animated way, and after flipping through even just a few pages, you'll want to see Jay drawing anything and everything you can imagine. I've known Jay for a few years now, he is a fantastic person and I cannot get enough of seeing his work. Currently, Jay is running a Kickstarter to bring new life to the comic Dead Duck and Zombie Chick in the form of a radio show! Jay has paired up with voice actress Alyson Court (Animated X-Men: Jubilee, Resident Evil: Claire Redfield, The Big Comfy Couch: Loonette) to bring this show alive, and it promises to be amazing! The Kickstarter ends on April 26, 2018. There are some amazing rewards you can get by backing this Kickstarter including: t-shirts, a wearable thumb drive bracelet that has the show's episodes on it, sketches drawn by Jay, vinyl copies of the show, comics, and so much more! You can checkout the kickstarter here


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The wearable bracelet containing the digital episodes is on the campaign for $15!! 

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You can add on to get personalized sketched from Jay as well! 

jay 3

Please consider supporting this project. Every dollar helps and even shares can go a long way. I really believe in this project, and wish Jay all the luck on it. 

You can check out more of Dead Duck and Zombie Chick by going to Jay's website

Here is the link to the Kickstarter

You can check out more from Jay and Source Point Press on the Source Point Press Website as well 

Thank you for checking this out and supporting Indie Comics! 



Written or Contributed by The Indie Huntress


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