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Greg's Strange Tales

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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Sat Apr 04, 2009 2:07 pm

Just updating with some of my old scripts. This is a favorite of mine and others who's read it. Zombie story with a different take/twist.


Page One

Panel One: We open up to a wide shot looking down at a cat and dog together on the floor. These are our protagonists, Meetsu, a black cat with one white spotted eye and Theseus, a rot-weiler. They’re both lying down on the floor, just relaxing with their food and water bowls before them.

Panel Two: Same shot only this time they are looking directly at us if we were approaching them.

Owner (off-panel): Guys, dinner time!

Panel Three: Same shot, this time the pets are raised to their feet, awaiting for their treat. Now we’re also beginning to see the owner, but we only see the tray of food which is covered in shadow and his hand holding it.

Owner (off-panel): It’s your favorite…

Page Two

Splash page: A big striking close-up of their owner holding the tray up. The owner’s whole face is completely decayed and is a zombie. One of his eyes is falling out from its socket, teeth drenched and dripping along with blood from his gums, etc. Have fun with this. At each bottom corner of the page, have the back of the heads of both pets looking up at their owner.

Page Three

Panel One: Small panel of our cat, Meetsu, with his head rested to the ground and his eyes closed.

Theseus (off-panel): Meetsu…

Panel Two: Same shot, only this time Meetsu’s eyes are opened.

Caption: As you can tell, that’s me.

Theseus: (off-panel): Meetsu…

Panel Three: Wide panel shot. We’re looking at Meetsu from the side as he’s stretching his body. He is a rather elegant looking cat, and very long. Look for reference of a cat stretching; they look very raw but rather elegant so see if you can depict that. In the opposite side of the shot we see Theseus sitting down, watching Meetsu. They are in a dark lit room, boxes and wood everywhere with bust balls and spider webs filling the place. It’s a rather enclosed space, behind Theseus is boarded up with wooden planks but with some space in between some where the outside can be viewed as some fraction of light is peeking through into the room.

Theseus: You were having a nightmare.

Meetsu: How can you tell?

Theseus: You looked uneasy then you started barking.

Panel Four: Close-up on Meetsu looking forward at us.

Meetsu: Oh, hardy har har.

Panel Five: Theseus is now turned to the boarded up wall as he’s looking through the cracked space. Meetsu is also in the panel as we’re looking behind him also, him being closer to us.

Caption: That’s Theseus. My best friend.

Meetsu: Thank you, Theseus.

Theseus: No problem. Same nightmare again?

Meetsu: The same… except more vivid. Much more.

Page Four

Panel One: Shot of the cracked space from the other side as we see Theseus’ eyes and Meetsu in the back, feet away.

Caption: We’ve been without our master for a long time now.

Theseus: When you’re up to it, we need to start looking out for food. We’ve run out and I’m starving.

Meetsu: How does it look out there?

Theseus: Not too good…

Panel Two: In this shot we’ve panned back as it’s revealed where’re in a bright lit street with zombies walking around aimlessly. Make sure we see in the background the building where Meetsu and Theseus are hiding with the wooden planks and space.

Caption: They were eaten by zombies.

Theseus: Not too good at all.

Panel Three: Shot in front of a horde of zombies just walking aimlessly in the streets. Have fun with how twisted and decayed the zombies are. Cars are destroyed and banged into buildings, dead corpses of humans and animals are on the ground.

Caption: We use to be able to survive easily when this outbreak started.

Caption 2: But once most of the humans were eaten...we animals were the next best meal.

Panel Four: Small shot of a few pigeons in an alley. Behind them is a wooden crate. Behind the crate we can see Meetsu peering at his preys, stalking them. His green eyes targeted directly at the birds.

Caption: Today we have to hunt. We’ve been careful…

Caption 2: …And learned to tell the difference between a live and infected.

Panel Five: Same angel shot, but Meetsu has leaped from behind the crate and is ready to catch his prey. At least two of the pigeons are escaping, flapping their wings away from the danger.

Caption 1: I hunt the small birds while Theseus goes to find a human corpse not yet infected.

Caption: It’s how we survive.

Page Five

Panel One: Meetsu has the dead pigeon in his mouth as he’s walking down an alley way.

Panel Two: We’re behind Meetsu with his head peering behind him, his eyes in alarm and fright, and the bird still in mouth.

Caption: Oh no…

Fluff (off-panel): Why, if it ain’t a pussy.

Panel Three: A tight shot of three mean looking dogs walking forward. Their leader, Fluff, is a pit-bull, sharp teeth and extremely terrifying, drool dripping from his mouth. To his left is a Dalmatian named Domino and the other is a pug, Fester.

Fester: Heh… quick a lovely one at that too, if I may say so myself.

Domino: And he doesn’t smell like fish.

Fluff: You look good enough to eat.

Panel Four: Small close-up shot of Meetsu, his eyes wide in fear.

Fluff (off-panel): Sic ‘im, boys!

Panel Five: A slight aerial shot in front of Meetsu as he’s running for his life with the three rabid dogs chasing after him in the alley way. Meetsu has dropped the bird in fear, so it should no longer be in his mouth.

Panel Six: Shot behind Meetsu now stopped due to a dead end.

Page Six

Panel One: An extreme tight close-up of Fluff with a sadistic and even more frightening look on his face, his eyes are piercing and as sharp as his teeth with drool dripping out and circling down his jaw.

Fluff: I ain’t have me some pussy in quite a long time.

Theseus (off-panel): Back off.

Panel Two: Aerial shot. At the bottom of the panel we see Meetsu clinched up in fear and shaking against the brick wall as the three dogs’ head are turned looking at Theseus with a human arm in his mouth. At the right of the panel, have a broken window visible. This should be lined up against the ground.

Meetsu (smaller, shaky text): …Theseus…

Panel Three: Close-up on Fluff and Domino.

Fluff: Looks like the cat’s already been marked for property.

Domino: From this little joke? You jest, Fluff.

Panel Four: Shot of Meetsu still clenched against the wall as Fester has one of his hind legs up as he’s taking a piss on Meetsu.

Fester: Well… he’s ours now.

Panel Five: Shot of Theseus as he’s dropped the human arm to the ground and now has his teeth visible in a scary growl.

Theseus: Grrrr….

Panel Six: Shot of the three dogs now all growling themselves.

Fluff, Domino, and Fester: Grrrrrrr……..

Page Seven

Panel One: Wide side panel. An intense shot of Theseus charging against the three rabid dogs in great fury.

Panel Two: Tight shot now of the dogs fighting. Fluff has his sharp teeth clenched around Theseus’ neck. Fester is biting hard on one of Theseus’ hind legs, and Domino is on his back, trying to take Theseus down.

Theseus: Meetsu, get the heck out of here! Now!!

Panel Three: Shot of Meetsu, worried and tears falling from his eyes.

Meetsu: No! I can’t leave you!!

Panel Four: Extreme close-up of Theseus shouting in great pain.

Theseus: GO!!!

Panel Five: Shot of Meetsu speeding out away from the wall and past the fight. Fester is looking at Meetsu, ready to go after him.

Fester: He’s getting away!

Fluff: Leave him.

Panel Six: Close-up on Fluff with an evil smile on his face. In the background we see Theseus lying on the ground with Domino still fighting at him.

Fluff: This dog’ll be more than enough to satisfy us…

Page Eight

Panel One: Side shot of Meetsu still running.

Caption: What am I gonna do? I can’t just leave him…

Panel Two: Close-up on Meetsu, head down with water dripping from his eyes.

Caption: No.. Theseus… I can’t give up… I won’t.

Panel Three: Shot behind Meetsu as we see he’s heading out of the alley and into the street where zombies are clearly visible, but none of them notice the cat.

Panel Four: Same exact shot, only this time the zombies’ attention is completely turned to Meetsu.

Meetsu: Eeeoowww!!!

Panel Five: We’re now in front of Meetsu as he’s speeding forward with a horde of zombies running after him.

Caption: I won’t.

Page Nine

Panel One: Close-up shot of Theseus on the ground. His face is blooded but he is still alive.

Theseus: …That…all you… got?

Panel Two: Shot of the three evil dogs looking down at Theseus all blooded in front of them.

Fluff: What do you say, boys? Breakfast time?

Panel Three: Shot of Meetsu running towards us, zombies still behind him, some tripping over each other to catch him and now the recently spotted dogs before them.

Meetsu: I concur.

Panel Four: Small shot of Meetsu shouting.

Meetsu: Up, boy! Up!!

Panel Five: An aerial shot of the three dogs all caught and about to be devoured by the horde of zombies. The dogs are trying to escape but the zombies have tight grips on them. At the bottom of the panel, we see Meetsu in that window I mentioned in page six, panel two. Theseus is limping his way towards the window.

Meetsu: C’mon, you limping dick! C’mon!

Page Ten

Panel One: Same aerial shot, except this time the alley way is empty. No zombies in sight as the blooded bones of the three dogs lie still on the ground.

Caption: Hours have gone by…

Panel Two: In this shot, we’re a few feet away from the broken window where Meetsu and Theseus are hiding in. It is dimly lit but we can see Meetsu’s green eyes glowing and Theseus lying down.

Panel Three: We’re now closer to the window where we can see Meetsu and Theseus much clearly. The two friends are close to each other as Meetsu looks as if he’s holding Theseus close to him as a human holding a loved one close to his heart.

Caption: …and I’m still licking my best friend’s wounds.

Caption 2: I won’t give up on him… I just can’t…

Theseus: You smell like piss.
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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Sat Apr 04, 2009 2:11 pm

One of my first horror shorts when I was on a mega roll after reading David Hine's Strange Embrace and his other Strange Tales at the end of the book. I really loved writing this one but I recall a lot of readers were left a bit unsatisfied with the ending. I may have to write a different version one day.

Reasons To Be Happy

Page One

Panel One: We open up at a house, very old and scary looking with a wide panel shot. The stereotypical “evil” looking house that you see in those horror films. The trees behind the messed up fence are dead with rotten apples hanging from the branches. It is night, and all though the skies looks very calm and soothing, the house gives the mood a very chilling and uneasy feeling. A window is there with a gray curtain covering the inside of the house.

Outside of the fence is our protagonist, Robert. We are standing behind him thus we don’t see his face. We just see that he has long raven dark hair reaching his shoulders. If you decide to show his clothes in this panel, he is wearing all black with a long black jacket or trench coat, rather.

Caption (Robert): It’s been years since I’ve been here in this damn town. I thought being here would bring back some sense of happiness.

Panel Two: Now we move the shot in front of Robert. He has a rather long black beard to match his hair. His eyes look very tired and give a sense that he hasn’t slept or been happy in years. His face is rather skinny, almost bone-like. In this shot we see him standing outside of the fence, his hands clutched into fists. I guess you can make this another wide panel shot.

Caption (Robert): Sadly, no. This house…this is the only logical explanation for everything…

Panel Three: This is a flashback scene. The shot is basically the same except it’s morning and instead of the older Robert standing in front of the fence, it is now a younger version of him and his two friends, Joseph and Chris. The three boys are maybe 11 or 12 years old, not teenagers yet. The younger Robert is standing exactly where he was standing in the last panel. His hair is short and doesn’t look bony as he does in the future, but looks rather “healthier.” Joseph is a black kid and is holding a football in his hand. Chris has red hair and freckles. Joseph is standing on the left, Robert the middle, and Chris on the right.

Joseph: Robert. Chris. You know the old woman who lives there?

Chris: Yeah, what about her, Joseph?

Panel Four: Mid-shot of Joseph and Robert standing next to each other.

Joseph: Well, my parents say she’s a “lougawou.”

Robert (reply): What the hell is that?

Joseph (counter-reply): A witch.

Robert: You and your stupid Haitian Creole! Everyone who seems weird to you people have to be some kind of evil or “witch.”

Panel Five: Close-up on Joseph looking annoyed.

Joseph: That’s not true!

Page Two

Panel One: Shot of Robert and Chris standing next to each other. Robert has his arms crossed and looks as if Joseph is talking pure stupid-ness.

Chris: Yes it is.

Robert: How do you know she’s a witch anyway?

Panel Two: Back to a shot of all three kids outside of the fence next to each other. Robert is leaning towards the ground, picking up a rock.

Joseph: You ever notice how mean or sad teenagers and adults are? They say it’s because she takes their happiness and puts them in a jar.

Chris: Why?

Joseph: I dunno. Loneliness, I guess.

Panel Three: Now we move this shot behind them, Robert has flung the rock he picked up at the window of the house. Chris’ reaction is shocked as you see him moving back from the fence while Joseph seems to want to stop Robert but it’s all ready to late

Robert: Yo, you stupid old witch!

Joseph: Robert, don’t!

Chris: I’m so outta here!

Panel Four: Close-up on the window as we see a frail skinny looking hand on the curtain.

Panel Five: Same panel shot, only this time we see half of the old woman, the other half hidden behind the curtain. She has long gray curly hair and looks a little scary as she looks angry at what the boys just did.

Panel Six: Shot of the three boys running away.

Page Three

Panel One: Back to the older Robert with a close-up shot on him.

Caption (Robert): Alright, witch. Ever since that day I’ve lost my parents and had to live in a orphanage where I was picked on every day.

Caption (Robert) 2: Damn foster parents abused me. Just more heartache after heartache as the damn years kept piling up.

Panel Two: Behind Robert now as he’s opened the fence door and is walking in.

Caption (Robert): ‘Bout time I came back for what was mine.

Panel Three: We’re inside of the house now as Robert has kicked open the door.

Robert: Alright, you old bitch! Where are you?

Panel Four: Now we’re behind Robert in a over-the-shoulder shot as we see the old woman, very frail and face filled with nothing but wrinkles and long gray hair reaching the end of her back. She looks shocked and scared. Around the house we see tables filled with records and jars filled with fetuses. We see dolls with pins and some dolls hanging from the walls with small nooses around their necks. There are candles everywhere.

Robert: Well, looky here.

Old woman: Who are you?! What do you want?!

Page Four

Panel One: These next two panels are side by side and are the top of the page while the last panel (three) should get the most space on the page. Close-up behind Robert’s head as we see him standing next to a shelf filled with jars in them. Robert’s attention is on one specific jar, though. We see the jar he’s looking at and inside of that jar we see an image of the panel where Robert and his friends were running.

Panel Two: Same exact shot, only this time Robert’s head is turned and is looking forward, his face very angry.

Robert: You bitch.

Panel Three: A large shot now of Robert walking away from the house, the house engulfed in flames. Robert is lighting a cigarette in his mouth and in his arm is his jar of happiness. He has a slight smile on his face finally.

Caption (Robert): Guess I found some happiness after all.
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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Sat Apr 04, 2009 2:14 pm

This one I couldn't really get into at all. This was for They have these writing contests and give you topics, etc. I tried to write this one but simply couldn't get entirely into it. Tell me what you guys think.

Supreme Legacy

Page One:

Panel One: We start off in a lovely kitchen and a sink-ful of dishes where a woman, Carol Sinclair, is washing. She is beautiful and has a subtle smile on her face, long black hair.

Panel Two: In her room, Krystal, Carol’s daughter, is lying in her bed with headphones over her ears and writing in her diary. She is dressed in gothic attire, all black, black nair polish and lipstick and eye make-up. Her whole room has a very dark and gloomy feel and tone.

Panel Three: Little nine or ten year old Bobby is sitting on the couch in the living room playing a hand-held game. The living room is very tidy except from the video games and consoles all over the floor in between Bobby and the TV set.


Carol (off-panel): Baby, sweetie! Can you get that?

Panel Four: Small panel of the kitchen sink and Carol’s hands washing plates. On the counter to the right is a towel.

Carol: …Honey?

Panel Five: Same shot, only this time we see Carol’s hands wiping itself with the towel.

Carol: Fine, I’ll get it.

Panel Six: We have a shot in front of Bobby now still playing his game and really into it, his tongue touching his upper lip to indicate his full attention to it, his eye brows narrowed. Behind him is Carol walking past the couch.

Carol: I’m sure if your dad called you, you’d listen, huh champ?

Page Two:

Panel One: A small panel of the door handle and Carol’s hand about to open the door.

Panel Two: Outside of the door is Robert Sinclair, sitting down against the door. He is in his fifties. He is actually dead but his eyes are shockingly open and wide. He is wearing a yellow and black superhero costume, his mask that only covers his head and eyes are ripped revealing his true face and hair, but remember, some of the mask is still on his face. Robert looks rather frantic.

Panel Three: Carol has now opened the door, Robert falling down at Carol’s legs. Carol is shocked as both her eyes and mouth are wide open, screaming in horror.

Carol: ROBERT!

Panel Four: Carol is now holding Robert in her arms, tears bursting from her eyes. In the background we see Bobby standing there, his eyes wide also, looking at his dead father in his mother’s arms. Have Carol have one of her hands on Robert’s face.

Carol: No, no, no! Please, Robert, wake up!

Panel Five: Now a shot of Robert in his casket. Unlike the last panels, he finally looks peaceful. He is in his superhero costume, his mask in his chest.

Caption: Wake up!!!

Panel Six: Wide panel shot of the attendees of the funeral. This is an outside ceremony, extremely packed. A great amount of attendants, mostly a great number of different types of superheroes, all in their costumes. In the front row, of course, are Carol, Bobby, and Krystal. Carol is still crying while both Krystal and Bobby look sad but doesn’t seem to have shed any tears. If you can, in the far back, show a tree with a black figure leaning against it.

Panel Seven: Leaning besides a tree we see a dark skinned black man in a black suit with an evil smile on his face. His whole eye color is pitch black. His name is Dark Sable.

Caption: I really can’t believe this…

Page Three:

Panel One: We open up to a shot of a close-up of Robert in his Captain Supreme mask. He has a huge smile on his face. This is a photo of Robert.

Panel Two: We move back, still looking at the picture in frame being held in a woman’s hands. In the picture is Robert as his superhero alter-ego, Captain Supreme, costume. He is in the middle with a big smile on his face, the other heroes happily around him also. Just have fun making the different heroes and their suits.

Superwoman (off-panel): …I really can’t. Captain is dead.

Panel Three: We see Superwoman’s face now. She has long red hair and has tears coming out of her eyes. Although she’s crying and saddened, she looks rather calm. We see a black man standing behind her to her right, he has his hand on her shoulder comforting her. He is wearing a white and red costume. His name is Red Viper. He has a small comforting smile on his face.

Superwoman: I refuse to believe it. He was a father to me… He…

Red Viper: He was a father figure and role model to us all. He was… the best. I know he wouldn’t want us to be grieving right now.

Superwoman: I know… but… he’s basically invincible…how the hell could he die at this age?

Panel Four: A panel of a fist, belonging to Captain Supreme, impacting on Dark Sable’s face.

Panel Five: Close-up on Captain Supreme’s face looking extremely tired and bewildered. Sweat pouring all over his face. Behind him we can see a building. (Basically, they are fighting in the streets, cars, buildings, civilians here and there watching.)

Caption: …The guy’s nearly invincible…

Dark Sable (off-panel): Heh heh. What’s wrong, Captain. You look a lil’ tired. And you used to hit harder than that.

Captain Supreme: Shut up, Sable. I’ve had about… enough… of you.

Dark Sable (off-panel): Hahaha!

Panel Six: Now we’re at Dark Sable who’s on the ground with a huge smile on his face, his eyes filled with evil glee.

Dark Sable: Yes… it’s taking hold. Can you feel it? The poison flowing through your veins? You will die slowly… and I will finally get that medallion.

Panel Seven: Suddenly, a huge black force resembling a giant spear has emerged and blasted out of Dark Sable’s chest.

Page Four:

Panel One: The black spear from Dark Sable has now slammed Captain Supreme into the building. We can see that Supreme is in terrific pain.

Captain Supreme: AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Panel Two: Close-up on Dark Sable with a smile on his face.

Dark Sable: Heh heh. That’s what I like to hear. We were able to poison you real good. And what’s better than you being invincible… when you can’t even inject a cure into your system, haha! It won’t be too long until you’re finally gone.

Panel Three: Dark Sable is now standing face to face with a weakened Captain Supreme who is panting and looks as if he’s at the point to collapse. Sable has his grip to Supreme’s collar.

Dark Sable: I hated you for years…now, with you out of my way and that medallion… I will rule your precious city… and take care of your allies… and I will be there for them beautiful kiddies of yours.

Panel Four: A shot behind Supreme as we see he has sent a hard uppercut to Sable who’s all the way up in the sky flying from the huge impact. Some black mist is following Sable.

Panel Five: We are back to Krystal’s room now as she is in front of the window, looking out in the darkness. She looks to be completely lost in her thoughts.

Caption: Now.

Voice: You’ve done a great job, Krystal. Our plan is working in complete order.

Krystal: Yeah, but I can’t find the medallion whatsoever. I’d really hate to have poisoned my father for no reason.

Panel Six: Dark Sable is now standing behind Krystal with his arms around her in an intimate manner.

Dark Sable: C’mon, no reason? Since when has he ever been there for you? I’ve been here for you since your birth. Who’s raised you?

Page Five:

Panel One: Krystal is now turned around, looking at Dark Sable who has his hands to her chin, ready to kiss her. He has a smile on his face as she has the same normal look she had the whole book.

Dark Sable: Who’s your daddy?

Krystal: You are.

Panel Two: A tight, small close up of their lips touching.

Dark Sable: That’s my girl.

Panel Three: We are looking at little Bobby, a mid-shot of him looking towards us looking completely innocent but at the same time a little surprised, his eyes looking a little watery.

Caption: Last Week

Captain Supreme (off-panel): My little boy, Bobby. <Cough> I know I haven’t been there for you… ever. I apologize… I know see my era as I’m in this bed… sick. Heh, when have you ever seen me sick? I’ll cut the bullshit.

Panel Four: A shot of Captain Supreme out of his costume in bed, looking weak, but looking very direct and stern at Bobby. This is a reverse shot behind Bobby, we’re looking at Supreme from behind Bobby.

Captain Supreme: I’m dying, boy. And there’s something you need to know. I am Captain Supreme, and yes… I’m dying. Someone has poisoned me… I don’t know who, but thus far, there’s been no cure…

Panel Five: Close-up on Bobby as if he’s about to cry.

Captain Supreme (off-panel): Don’t you cry, my boy. Please, don’t feel sad. I need you to be strong. Be strong for your pop.

[B]Panel Six: Supreme now has a golden medallion in his hands, he’s holding it up, showing his son, still looking a bit sick.[/B]

Captain Supreme: This is the Golden Medallion… past on from generations. This is a very special medallion. It’s what allows me to become Captain Supreme… I want… I want you to have this. In due time… when you’re old enough… you will keep this safe and private. You will tell no one!

Panel Seven: Now a shot a bit slightly above Bobby as he’s looking down at the medallion that is now in his own hands, shining brightly. On the left of the panel we see slightly see Captain Supreme.

Captain Supreme: You understand? Good. Make me proud. Don’t cry…just make me proud when the time comes.
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A Quagmire

Postby FroZen » Sat Apr 04, 2009 4:10 pm

Greg wrote:Hey, man. By all means, have fun. :-)

cool. This'll be fun.
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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Sun Apr 04, 2010 9:46 pm


Page One

Panel One: A series of panels panning back further to finally revealing a slimy and disgusting looking centipede. In the first panel we are unaware of what we’re looking at. That’s how close we are to the insect. By panel four, we should be able to see the full creature. Yuck. The centipede is crawling out of flesh, a girl’s arm. Don’t make this obvious in this panel, just show the centipede crawling out of something. These panels should be aligned next to each other at the top of the page.

Caption: “Never be ashamed of how God made you,” Momma always said.

Panel Five: Now we can see the arm fully and clearly and the centipede crawling out. A wide panel.

Caption 2: But this…

Panel Six: Further back and we finally see the girl looking closely at her arm. Her name is Anne, age 13. She’s only slightly disgusted but not too much. She’s sitting down in a school bus, the seat next to her unoccupied.

Panel Seven: Close up on the centipede being picked out by Anne’s fingers, being removed from the flesh.

Caption: … is just wrong.

Page Two

Panel One: We’re now in Anne’s house. A woman is at the sink with gloved hands washing dishes. Her head is turned away from us as she’s looking at her daughter eating a sandwich at the table. We can’t see the mother’s face, just the back of her head.

Caption: Here’s Momma now giving me “The Talk.” While I’m eating too. Great. Talks about changes of the body being natural.

Panel Two: Close up on Anne looking annoyed.

Caption: Natural being gross, of course.

Panel Three: Shot of Anne in the bathroom shaving her legs. Instead of hair, we see weird looking moss being removed by the razor blade.

Caption: Changes…

Panel Four: Anne is now sitting on the toilet, her head down while she’s holding her stomach.

Caption: … cramps…

Panel Five: Anne is now off the toilet as we’re now looking inside of the toilet bowl. The water is actually clear but we’re seeing larvae-like eggs filling the toilet.

Caption: Yeah, puberty freakin’ sucks.

Page Three

Page One: Anne is staring at herself in the mirror, a zit has now appeared on her cheek. She has a disheartened look upon her face.

Caption: Finally, something normal. A simple little zit.

Panel Two: A two-shot of Anne now with a smile on her face as she’s talking to a good-looking guy who’s also happy and smiling. They’re in a play yard with a bunch of other kids in the background hanging out.

Caption: Sweet! Date with Dale! C’mon, girl, can’t screw this up.

Panel Three: Close-up in Dale’s face, smile gone from his face. He looks confused.

Caption: (Sigh) What now?

Panel Four: Close-up in Anne, but make sure it’s a focus on the pimple. To indicate the pimple just started to wiggle, add some squiggly lines around it.

Panel Five: Closer shot on the zit bloating up.

Panel Six: Zit burst, pus leaking out along with a cockroach crawling out of it.

Page Four

Panel One: Back at home, Anne is angrily walking across the panel. Behind her is the back of the living room couch where her parents are sitting down watching TV. We can only see the back of her heads.

Anne: I’m going to my room to kill myself!!!

Panel Two: Now we’re looking at her parents, finally seeing their faces. Go all out on this as there’s bugs, pus, plants all type of things crawling, hanging, growing from their flesh. They’re nearly covered completely. Momma has a clean white cat in her arms, licking Momma’s face.

Momma: Remember, sweetie! Love the way the Lord made you!

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