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Super Reads Secret Invasion

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Postby LOLtron » Tue May 06, 2008 12:30 pm

ImageDo you not have the ability to wade through the entirety of Marvel's current mega even but still want to complain about it on the internet?

Fear not!  Super's here to do the heavy lifting for you and read every single Secret Invasion title for you.  For the good of humanity!

Eh, he'd probably do it anyway.

This week, Super takes a look at The New Avengers 40 and a special blast from the past look at Fantastic Four 18!

Spoilers Ahead!
Alright, we've got the backstory all worked out in our first installment of Super Reads Secret Invasion (if you missed that monster, you can check it out here), now it's time to get the tie-in machine rolling with New Avengers!

ImageThe New Avengers #40
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Jim Cheung
While last week's Mighty Avengers focused on what might be the "resistance" movement to the Skrull Invasion, New Avengers gives us a look right inside the Skrull Invasion set up.

This issue is a happens pretty much directly after The New Avengers: Illuminati #1.  I didn't go over that issue, but in a nutshell it's about the Illuminati visiting the Skrulls after the Kree-Skrull War, getting captured, getting experimented on, escaping, causing a mess, and leaving.  Pretty much a typical wednesday.

It opens with Emperor Dorrek VII (the Skrull with the crown and the power) quelling some religious fanatics (lead by Princess Veranke) that believe that Dorrek is going against some prophesy or another.  Religious fanatics...  anyway, keep an eye on the name Princess Veranke but for now focus back on Dorrek.

The gist is that Dro'ge, the Royal Priest of the Sciences, has collected the data on the Illuminati and now only needs time to analyze it.  You'll also notice a Skrull with scars down his face named Wor'il.  He's a War Council delegate that continues to appear throughout the comic in some minor rolls but he's specifically named so is probably worth keeping track of.  So Dorrek VII gives Dro'ge (yeah, good luck on these names) the time he needs specifying that he will report only to him.  Important.

Princess Veranke is dropped off on some random planet in the middle of no where.  We'll probably never see her in an important roll again. ;)

Meanwhile, Emperor Dorrek VII kills the first Reed Richards clone while disguised as a nurse.  It doesn't look like it improves his mood, either.  They say killing is therapuedic, but it really isn't.  It just leaves you dead inside and someone else dead all over.  Where was I?  OK, Dorrek lets Dro'ge get back to work, probably with less killing by him.

We cut ahead to when Galactus eats the Skrull Throneworld.  It's interesting to note that Throneworld was NOT the home planet to the Skrulls.  Their home planet is known as Skrullos.  Still, Throneworld was the seat of the Skrull Empire's government and with that gone and Emperor Dorrek assassinated by his wife, it fractures the Skrull Empire into disunity.  None of that is explained within the issue, but I thought you might like to know.

So when a group of Skrulls goes off to find Princess Veranke and name her Queen, she isn't the Queen of the entire Skrull Empire, merely a group of them that now see the wisdom of her words.  It's apparently a large group but not large enough to be noticed until very recently.  She has inherited Dro'ge's work on the Illuminati, though, and that makes her important.

Basically, Dro'ge has cracked humanity's code to the point where he knows exactly how to manipulate it and where it's heading.  He's got clones of every member of the Ill team and with that knowledge he shows off this years model of the Super-Skrull.  The costume has elements from the Illuminati mixed in with the Super-Skrulls.  It's nice.  So the New Super-Skrull can use the powers of any human that they have examined.  This one has the Ill's powers.  So who is he? 

"A humble servant to the Empire," he says. 

"And, may I add, the only survivor of the Galactus Attack," Dro'ge might add.


Anyway, a delegate by the name of Ch-Gra is added to the mix but I think they just needed more Skrulls to talk.  We'll see.  Now as we wind down this issue, we're greeted to what may be the last, final, honest-we-may-be-done-but-probably-not appearance of Skrull Elektra.  This, chronologically speaking, would be her oldest appearace to date but Skrull Elektra's story could have started anywhere after Elektra's first resurrection as it is mentioned by the Skrull that the original Elektra DID return from the dead.  You may have more Skrull Elektra appearances littered throughout your collection.  So, back on target:  Skrull Elektra (Skrull name: Siri) has infiltrated earth and remained undetected for quite a while.  She was the first such infiltrator but has a list of other humans that could be replaced without notice.

And Veranke wants in.  She wants her feet on earth soil and to be directly involved in the operation.  When she asks for a human that is "in a position to do the most damage," Spider-Woman lights up the monitors.  Dun Dun DUN!

So, a bunch of images flash on the screen when Elektra is talking about who could be replaced.  They're blurred out, but I can make out Blackbolt (already revealed), Elektra (yeah, there she is), Cyclops, Hawkeye, Thing (noticeably absent from the beat down the FF took in Secret Invasion #1), Hulk, Wonderman (or someone else who's not Cyclops in sunglasses), Vision, Sasquatch, and a few too blurred for me to have guesses for.  They're probably already all sussed out on the internet.  I think Sentry might be on there, but that's only a guess.  So were they all replaced?  Not necessarily.  This was a list of potentials, not targets.  Odds are the Skrulls did some picking and choosing through this list.

 And that's my educated guess on who that first New Super-Skrull is.  You have to wonder why he figures so prominently in the beginning unless they intend on continuing use of him.  It's very possible that he survived the assassination attempt on his life and made it off Throneworld before Galactus ate it.  It's very possible that due to his injuries during the assassination attempt (possibly mortal) that he would agree to becoming the first New Super-Skrull in order to save his life.  The very fact that that New Super-Skrull ISN'T named when nearly every other speaking part is means that his identity is probably important and it's probably someone already named.  Dorrek VII is the only named Skrull that otherwise would not be appearing at the end of the comic.  Or I'm really overthinking it. :)

OK, blast from the past time.  We've been discussing the New Super-Skrull, now let's look at the old one:

ImageThe Fantastic Four #18
Writer: Stan Lee
Penciler: Jack Kirby
It was the Skrull's second appearance and they weren't going to be turned into cows this time around.  It turns out that the Skrull Emperor (yeah, that's Dorrek VII again, but he isn't named that for quite a stretch of time.  We'll just use it anyway) is pretty pissed that his invasion force was defeated by the power of comic books and wants some friggin' revenge on the friggin Fantastic Four.

Skrull science isn't cheap though, and Dorrek nearly bankrupted the Empire trying to come up with a revenge scheme suitable for this particular mission.  That scheme is revealed in the Super-Skrull!  Through those crazy Skrull sciences, the Super Skrull is able to imitate all of the FF's abilities... only BETTER!  He can stretch further than Mr. Fantastic, he can fly faster and keep burning longer than the Human Torch, he's stronger than the Thing, and he... well, he can be just as invisible as the Invisible Girl, but he's got a super secret power to make him that much more super that her anyway.  Oh, he can also change his shape like all the rest of the Skrulls, but he's not all that into it.

So Super-Skrull comes to earth and in a very public way, makes claim to the entire planet.  One Skrull invasion?  You're soaking in it.

So, with this, the FF arrive and get beaten up by his superior powers. 

The FF regroup (IE: run away).  Reed figures that Super-Skrull's powers are being amped by someone and creates a devise that will block that amplification.  They then challenge him to a battle on Lonely Crater Isle so that innocent bystanders won't be a problem.  So the battle gets underway again and Super-Skrull reveals his super secret power.  What's the super secret power?  Hypnotism.  I guess if Reed can use it to make cows out of Skrulls, Super-Skrull can use it to return the favor.

It does him little good.  Quickly after the reveal, Sue Storm is able to plant a jammer devise on him to block him from the source of his powers.  Super-Skrull is captured inside a crater, powerless.  Dorrek VII laments that the FF have defeated the Skrulls for the last time.  We're pretty sure he's wrong on that.

So what have we learned?  We've learned that Super-Skrull CAN mimic the FF's abilities but at this point in his career his powers were supplied by an outside (and expensive) source.  We've learned that the Skrull are ruled by an Emperor and that it's the Skrull Empire.  We've learned that these Skrulls learn from their past and come back stronger and wiser for the experience. 

Also, we've seen the first but not last of Super-Skrull, Emperor Dorrek VII, and the wrinkly chin.  It's been a good day for all, but now it's time to leave those Skrulls so they can get on with their secrets and their invading.  Until next time: Who do YOU trust?


Posted originally: 2008-05-06 17:30:17

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