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Toy Shed: The Force Unleashed

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:30 am

The Toys are Unleashed.Will you yield to the dark side as well? Zechs take’s a look at the Force Unleashed wave and the Darth Vader figure from the latest wave of Star Wars: The Legacy line.With one of the most hyped games of the year about to be pardon the pun unleashed. I was [...]

The Toys are Unleashed.

Will you yield to the dark side as well? Zechs take’s a look at the Force Unleashed wave and the Darth Vader figure from the latest wave of Star Wars: The Legacy line.

With one of the most hyped games of the year about to be pardon the pun unleashed. I was very curious of this wave of Star Wars figures from Hasbro since the previous new molds have piqued my curiosity. So I went out and got myself Battle Damage Darth Vader, Juno Eclipse, Maris Brood, Rahm Kota, and the Shadow Guard. The figures in the line each come with a stand and a cheat to a game that isn’t even out yet. As for the figures themselves.


Rahm Kota the Jedi Knight is a decent figure. About the only problems with this figure is it’s massive shoulder pads deny him extending both his arms out fully. Other than that minor negative he’s still pretty posable. The details in the figure are pretty decent with him looking like a Jedi who’s had enough running and about to take a stand. About the best force user figure in the entire set. And thus is a must have.

Maris Brood on the other hand was a bit of a let down. The top portion of her figure is awesome. The details on her arms and form show she’s been through a rough time period and adds to why she’s yielded to the dark side. On the minus side is the bottom half of the figure. Her legs can’t bend at all. It’s like that half of her figure is from the mold of Star Wars figures Hasbro put out during it’s Attack of the Clones set from ‘02. The only thing moveable is her feet, yet why didn’t they give some motion to her legs? Thus her posablity is limited. Juno (her female opposite) is such a superior figure. Still, if you truly can’t find a female dark sider then Maris is still worth a buy. But alas, her figure does disappoint me for someone whose style appears to favor bending and mobility. And honestly of all the figures I do kinda regret getting her. So I have to say, pass.

The Shadow Guard is the same mold used from the web site exclusive two pack Crimson Empire set. Like the two Guardsman in that set, the Shadow Guard is pretty much the same exact mold and has the same mobility (just with more covering cloaks and a helmet that’s stuck on). When I took the Guard out of his package his hand came off. Thankfully it snapped back on but I had this same problem when I bought the EU, again you think Hasbro would fix that problem but nope. Still the figure is awesome with its attachable blade light staff. Even with the problematic arm the figure is highly posable save for the head, which feels like it was glued on. The guards also came with a very tiny blaster (same that was with the EU two pack) and they are so gosh darn small that it’s very easy to loose that darn small blaster. So if you’re one of those who wish to keep all the items on your figures or loves to play with them. Just keep checking that gun holster cause most of the time that tiny blaster will have fallen out. Put them with a dark sider and honestly these figures look even more awesome. So I rank it as a must have.

Juno Eclipse is quite possibly the best figure in the set if you’re looking for quantity and quality. She is by far the most posable compared to all the others. Even more, her removable cap and details of her rank, I have to say she’s quite possibly the best Imperial Officer produced so far from Hasbro The only slight problem, is her forehead is kinda huge once you remove that cap of her’s. But honestly, she’s the figure that I enjoyed the most from the set. Must buy.

Then we have a battle damaged Lord Vader. Honestly, given how hard this figure was to get until it was re-issued in the Legacy Collection I was curious as to why it was so highly sought after. When finally getting it via ebay I saw the indimidation factor of the figure. Here you have Darth Vader literally the most damage we’ve ever seen him. The peel away parts on the figure give a real battle damaged feel if you’re looking to only have him somewhat harmed or fully damaged. The detailing the figure is amazing. From the torn gloves with some robotic hand teased to the flesh mixed with robotics, and the melting off control panel on his chest was a nice touch. The figure is as posable as the others (save for Maris) however, there are some nit picks I have of the figure. His chest damage area looks poorly detailed and almost an afterthought. Secondly, his helmet less form and single eyepiece is horrible. Instead of a decent eye shape the thing just looks disfigured even when you put the helmet on him. The hole on part of his mask looks off compared to his good side. And his cloaks, which are partly fabric and plastic. Again, could it have killed Hasbro to have gone full fabric on this figure instead of cheaping out and going with plastic for the inner cloak near his legs?

But wait that wasn’t the only Darth Vader figure that was purchased! Just in time for the Clone Wars being released Hasbro released a new set of figures based on the Clone Wars (some new from the movie and some just reissues) and Legacy Collection (with the only reissue being battle damaged Vader). The Darth Vader figure I got from the Legacy Collection wave has it’s own little build a figure or droid. If Hasbro wants me to build something the last thing I ever want to build fully is a small droid. Give me Grievous or IG-88, not the puny little astro mechs (and given the news of future waves with build a Grievous one might want to get entire sets now). In any case, the Vader figure in this set is quite possibly the greatest Darth Vader figure ever. Why is it so good? He’s detailed like heck from face to boot. Every inch of him is perfect. His removable mask has two layers following the movies on how Vader gets his mask and helmet on. Vader’s mask even has the gold little marks and his helmet has the little details on the inside. He even has a fabric cloak all the way up to his chest area and covered by his shoulder plates.

Posablity wise? This figure shocked me on how good it is. This Vader is very posable. Even unmasked, his burnt little head can move around. There is nothing truly wrong I can find with this figure. It is simply that perfect. If you have the need to get yourself one Vader or want the best Vader figure Hasbro has ever produced this is the one to get. He’s that good. So it’s not hard to see my rating on him, MUST BUY.

This wave surprised me on what figures would be the best (Juno and Rahm) with some being decent (Shadow Guard and Battle Damage Vader) and some being otherwise disappointing (Maris). And if the latest Vader figure is the direction Hasbro is heading towards for future figures, I can’t wait to see what they’ll shell out next cause I’ll be in line to buy it. That said in review here are the rankings:
Rahm Kota: MUST BUY!

Maris Brood: Skip it!

Juno Eclipse: MUST BUY!

Shadow Guard: Buyable, but only for the hardcore fan.

Battle Damage Darth Vader: Buyable, but only for the hardcore fan.

Darth Vader with removable helmet: MUST BUY!

Posted originally: 2008-08-27 15:30:34

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