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Can Marilyn Manson SAVE ROCK N' ROLL?!

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Jun 11, 2007 3:11 pm

Can Marilyn Manson's new album, Eat Me Drink Me, save rock and roll? Read on to find out...Image
ImageSomewhere around the mid-nineties, rock music as I used to know andlove died a slow and painful death, making way for utter crap like NuMetal, Emo, and the disgusting celebrity-worshiping, over privilegedpop music scene that is around today. When I think back on what the"new" generation was listening to in the fifties, the sixties, theseventies, the eighties, and even the nineties, music was getting morehardcore and badass with each generation. Kids sought out and ate upthe kind of music that would scare the crap out of their parents. Ithad to be louder, heavier, more offensive, more sexual, more satanicthan the music that their parents listened to.

Now, the music that "kids these days" listen to is less likely tomake their parents scared, and more likely to make them ashamed. Emosucks. It's not the message behind it. Yes, music should come from theheart, be emotional, but people made music that came from the heart foryears without making whiny, crying little pussy music that makes me feel ashamed to be an American. Furthermore, Emojust takes the lamest parts of everything else, metal, punk, goth, andthrows it all together without any of the balls or originality, and tops it off with a haircut that looks like Nikki Sixx circa1986 when he just woke up in the morning. It's entirely unoriginal,boring, and lame.

It's not just emo though. What is up with people thinking thatLinkin Park is a good band. Don't people know they're just theBackstreet Boys with guitars? I don't know what's wrong with me, but I keep giving people more credit than they deserve. I thought that people KNEW that Linkin Park were pre-fabricated, boy band garbage with a mall metal makeover. But then I wake up one day and everyone, including ADULTS are anxiously awaiting their new album. Wha? Huh? I thought only teenage girls liked bands like that. Guess I was wrong.  Doesn't anyone know what innovative, original music is anymore?

So anyway, what does this have to do with Eat Me Drink Me? Well,when I got this album, popped it in the cd player, and listened to it,I was at first quite shocked. Except for a few tracks, this isdefinitely not Marilyn Manson like I've ever heard him before. However,after a few listens, I realized that this is Manson's way of validatingeverything I just said about how much music sucks. Manson knows itsucks. You don't put out stuff like Anti-Christ Superstar and thenthink that the poser crap that's out today is somehow hardcore. He evensays it himself in Mutilation is the Sincerest form of Flattery: "Theyoung get less bolder, the legends get older, but I stay the same."

The young get less bolder. That's exactly how I feel. Kids today would pee their pants ifthey got stuck in a time warp and wound up back in my teenage years.Drugs, sex, heavy metal, punk rock, Satan, my teenage years were a blur of decadence and debauchery. They were what being a teenager was all about. This lame, Mickey-Mouse version of youth subculture that's going around today makes me absolutely sick. Kids today have nothing new or revolutionary to say. They are MTV-worshipping, reality-show-living, Paris-Hilton-wannabeing wastes of oxygen. Today's generation is truly a generation of spoiled pussies.

The legends get older.
Let's face it, who'sleft putting out good music? Ozzy is just sad. Axl Rose is a joke. Theolder bands, like those sell-out bitches Metallica, are corporate softies. Then you havedinosaurs like Aerosmith and the Stones. It's all really sad. It wouldbe okay if something new were coming along to take their place, but itisn't -  just lame, generic, rehashed, whiny posers making crappy musicfor a crappy generation.

But I stay the same...
Like Manson, here I am, stuck in a world where I just can'tbelieve how much everything sucks. Yeah, I'm old, almost thirty, butthis isn't some "kids these days" jealous rant. I'm not jealous. I'm not shocked and offended by your youthful antics. I'm actually ashamed ofall of you. I hope that my daughter grows up to find some music tolisten to that will shock and offend me, but I'm fairly certain shewon't. She'll like whatever ten year from now equivalent there is of My Chemical Romance, some boring, pre-fabricated, over-rated crap that everyone else likes, and I will be a sad old man.

Thankfully, here in my "twilight" years, I've got Marilyn Manson toput out an incredible album, full of ass-kicking hard rock guitar solosand classic, poetic rock lyrics that remind me of a time when peopleactually took some pride in their craft. Eat Me, Drink Me is the album Guns N Roses should have put out tenyears ago. It is a total, balls-out, kick-ass early nineties hard rockrecord as played through the modern perspective of modern glam rocker Marilyn Manson.

Tracks like Mutilation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery and You and Me and the Devil Makes Three are standard Marilyn Manson, all Satanic and pissed off. Mutilation is notable for it's indictment of the modern music scene as I described earlier. The chorus says it all: FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, AND FUCK YOU TOO.

Tracks like Putting Holes in Happiness and They Said That Hell's Not Hot have to be lost Guns N Roses songs from the Use Your Illusion sessions, a breath of fresh air in today's boring, awesome-guitar-solo-free world. Tracks like The Red Carpet Grave and Putting Holes in Happiness are total eighties new-wave/synth-pop/post-punk/gothic goodness, with, of course, Manson's own distinguished flavor. Then you have tracks like the title track and If I Was Your Vampire that capture the melancholy perfection that made albums like Mechanical Animals so classic. But then, on top of all this, there's tracks like Are You the Rabbit, Evidence and Just a Car Crash Away that are in their own separate world.

Is this album all over the place? Surprisingly, no. When you put all this stuff together, you get a unified, overall theme of upbeat nihilism. Manson wrote this album from the heart, coming out of his recent divorce, and it is both personal and iconic in a way that only the most classic albums are able to achieve. Listen to this album as loud as your speakers go, and it will get you high like pure musical heroin.

Marilyn Manson is quite possibly theONLY artist today putting out good music. Maybe, MAYBE VelvetRevolver's next album will continue the trend. This album kicks all ofyour asses, and if you don't like it, it's because you're lame andyou have no taste. But don't take that as an insult. It's your worldnow, and you can make it as generic and boring as you want, I suppose.Trust me, more people agree with you than they do with me.  I'm just a bitter old man.

Posted originally: 2007-06-11 20:11:49

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