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Previews: Captain America #27, Immortal Iron Fist #6, Runaways #27, & More

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Jun 04, 2007 9:06 am

From Marvel’s press releases:Captain America #27:The soon to be legendary storyline “Death of a Dream” continues in Captain America #27. The Eisner nominated team of Ed Brubaker, artists Steve Epting and Mike Perkins bring readers one step closer to the secrets of Captain America ’s death. With Cap’s closest friends already shattered by his [...]
Image From Marvel’s press releases:

Captain America #27:
The soon to be legendary storyline “Death of a Dream” continues in Captain America #27. The Eisner nominated team of Ed Brubaker, artists Steve Epting and Mike Perkins bring readers one step closer to the secrets of Captain America ’s death. With Cap’s closest friends already shattered by his sudden death, will they be pushed past the breaking point when this issue ends?

The series continues to earn rave reviews, with Newsarama.Com’s Steve Ekstrom gushing, “I am 100% onboard this monthly gem. Further, I cannot honestly tell you who I like better—Mike Perkins or Steve Epting—both of these guys are amazing and with Frank D’armata coloring them both I may just jump out of my skin with the orgiastic amount of “eye-ball pleasure” I’m getting from this series!”

We’ve seen Captain America ’s friends mourning…but now it’s time to for some revenge! The Winter Soldier has Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man) in his sights, the Red Skull is mere moments away from completing his malevolent plan and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Captain America may be dead, but in Captain America #27, his enemies will soon find out that there are soldiers willing and able to continue the fight…to the death!

Written by ED BRUBAKER
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC—5/31/07, On Sale —6/20/07


ImageWorld War Hulk: X-Men #1:
The Hulk has returned to Earth and he’s making sure the school of hard knocks is in session for the X-Men! In World War Hulk: X-Men #1 (of 3), the Hulk continues his assault against the clandestine cabal known as The Illuminati, the same group who exiled him into space. One member of that group—Professor Charles Xavier—was not part of that decision and now the Hulk wants to know what Xavier would have done…and he’ll destroy the New X-Men to get the answer! But can the X-Men-in-training survive till their mentors arrive to confront the Jade Giant?

Marvel’s summer blockbuster World War Hulk has drawn rave reviews from fans and critics, with sell-outs of the initial tie-in issues & subsequent printings (though copies may be available at the retail level). Now it’s time to witness an epic battle between the Hulk and not one, but TWO, teams of powerful mutants. Who will survive? What will Professor Xavier’s answer be? And when the dust clears, whose side will the X-Men take? Fans can be sure of this—Hulk will smash puny mutants and you won’t want to miss this epic confrontation!

WORLD WAR HULK: X-MEN #1 (of 3) (APR072305)
Penciled by ANDREA DI VITO
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—6/07/07, On-Sale—6/27/07


Image Endangered Species: Chapter One:
Mutants were thriving…but then came M-Day and the once venerable race was reduced to a handful of survivors. Beginning in X-Men #200, Endangered Species chronicles the efforts of one mutant to do the seemingly impossible: save his race from extinction! But just who will his allies be? The answer will shock you! This story will have direct repercussions for the all the remaining mutants and appears in the form of special eight page bonus stories in X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor & New X-Men this July through October. Endangered Species leads directly into this fall’s top secret X-Men event that won’t just change the X-Men—it’ll redefine them!

“We’ll follow Beast down a trail that only he can traverse,” said X-Men editor Andy Schmidt. “The mutant gene is all but eradicated from the planet. That means his race is dying. He’s a scientist—a genius—and he’s going to solve the riddle of his own extinction—or die trying.”

It all begins in X-Men #200, featuring chapter one of Endangered Species and a shocking final page that’ll set Beast down a road from which there is no return! Also, don’t miss X-Men: Endangered Species One-Shot, in which the death of a mutant hits the X-Men hard, causing the team to think about their own mortality and just how to cope with the end of mutantkind as they know it. The X-Men will never be the same again…and it all starts here!

X-MEN #200 (APR072344)
Written by MIKE CAREY
Penciled by Humberto Ramos & CHRIS BACHALO
50/50 Wraparound Cover by Humberto Ramos
50/50 Wraparound Cover by CHRIS BACHALO
Gatefold Variant Cover by DAVID FINCH
Rated A …$3.99
FOC—5/31/07, On Sale —6/20/07

Written by MIKE CAREY
Pencils by SCOT EATON
Rated T+…$3.99
FOC—5/31/07, On Sale —6/20/07


Image Immortal Iron Fist #6:
It’s time for the current (Danny Rand) and former (Orson Randall) Iron Fists to meet their destiny in battle against agents of Hyrda & the Steel Serpent himself…but is it the end of the road for both our heroes? June’s Immortal Iron Fist #6 concludes the critically acclaimed “The Last Iron Fist Story,” written by rising star Matt Fraction and Eisner-nominated Ed Brubaker, featuring the powerful art of David Aja and Russ Heath, and this issue will leave you reeling!

“Davos and the hordes of Hydra have invaded Rand Corp., and now our two Iron Fists find themselves trapped and attacked from all sides!” explained Immortal Iron Fist editor Warren Simons. “The six-issue arc culminates here with pulse-pounding art by David Aja and Russ Heath! Featuring Luke, Misty, and Colleen!”

Critics continue to rave about Immortal Iron Fist, with’s Kevin Huxford gushing, “It consistently makes any week it comes out that much better.” IGN.Com’s Jesse Schedeen echoed a similar sentiment, declaring the series a “must-read” and said it’s “one spectacular-looking kung fu noir.”

With a title like “The Last Iron Fist Story,” you know that Danny and Orson aren’t walking away unscathed…if they walk away at all! Don’t miss the action packed conclusion to this bold new chapter in the life of the Immortal Iron Fist!

Penciled by DAVID AJA and RUSS HEATH
Cover by DAVID AJA
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC—5/31/07, On Sale —6/20/07


Image World War Hulk: Front Line #1:
During Civil War, reporters Ben Urich and Sally Floyd brought readers a unique look at the street level view of the conflict and they’ve returned just in time to witness a threat larger than the Marvel Universe has ever faced! In World War Hulk: Front Line #1 (of 6), the journalistic duo bring you a unique perspective on the opening shots of this summer’s “incredible” event and the initial conflict between Hulk & Iron Man that might just level Manhattan! This limited series reunites the Civil War: Front Line creative team of writer Paul Jenkins and artist Ramon Bachs to deliver a nuanced look at how the regular world is affected by Hulk’s war, all wrapped up in eye-catching covers by John Watson. Just who wants to help our intrepid reporters take down J. Jonah Jameson and how will the Front Line newspaper figure into it? And when one of Hulk’s allies is murdered by an unknown assailant, the NYPD is put on notice—if this mystery isn’t solved, New York City won’t be standing for much longer!

World War Hulk may have just begun, but it’s already quite the “smash” hit with fans and critics alike. “World War Hulk looks like it’s going to be a blast,” said Squashua of Aint-It-Cool-News.Com.

Troy Brownfield of Newsarama.Com praised the World War Hulk tie-ins released thus far, predicting that the story may just be “one of the all-time definitive Hulk stories.”

Over at IGN.Com, Richard George concurred, calling World War Hulk a “must-read,” deeming early issues “a revelation.”

Grab your press pass and hang out on tight as World War Hulk: Front Line #1 shows you a side of World War Hulk that you won’t find anywhere else. Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on this issue, as all World War Hulk tie-ins and subsequent new printings have sold out at Diamond (though issues may be available at the retail level) and interest continues to grow in this summer’s greenest and meanest comic book blockbuster!

WORLD WAR HULK: FRONT LINE #1 (of 6) (APR072304)
Penciled by RAMON BACHS
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC—6/07/07, On Sale —6/27/07


Image Runaways #27:
Superstar scribe Joss Whedon and fan favorite penciller Michael Ryan continue their critically acclaimed “run” on Marvel’s hottest teen team in Runaways # 27! Under their tenure, Whedon & Ryan have taken the Runaways to New York and introduced them to some very important people, such as the Kingpin and the Punisher. Now the team is taking a giant step backwards… to 1907! So what’s in 1907? Tons of new characters! Both friendly and unfriendly faces from Runaways issues past! Action! Love! All this and comedy to boot! Also, meet a new character that will become a Runaway!

Critics continue to praise Runaways, with Richard Renteria of explaining, “Whedon and Ryan continue their successful run on the title and take no shortcuts in delivering a great story.”

“Whedon presents some brilliant ideas that make me really excited for what’s around the corner,” gushed Richard George of IGN.Com.

You’ve already seen Whedon & Ryan take the Runaways where they’ve never been before…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Strap yourself in for the more surprising Runaways story yet, “Dead End Kids” continues in Runaways #27!

RUNAWAYS #27 (APR072328)
Written by JOSS WHEDON
Penciled by MICHAEL RYAN
Cover by JO CHEN
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC—6/07/07, On-Sale—6/27/07


ImageX-Men: First Class #1:
Summer might be right around the corner for most, but school is back in session for the five original 1! That’s right true believers, you demanded it and Marvel was more than happy to oblige—the original team is back. Writer Jeff Parker and artist Roger Cruz are back with more in continuity stories about the early years of Xavier’s first students and this time, it’s an ongoing series! It all begins with guest-star Invisible Girl, picked by Professor X to be a role model for Jean Grey…but will things turn out fantastic or “madtastic” when a certain villain shows up?

Find out how the X-Men first became a family in the series that Kevin Powers of called, “easily one of the most fun series I’ve read in a long time.” And don’t forget to check out the X-Men: First Class HC, collecting all eight issues of the critically acclaimed X-Men: First Class limited series in one must-have volume. X-Men: First Class is back, and this time the X-Men are going to get a higher education!

Written by JEFF PARKER
Penciled by ROGER CRUZ
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—6/07/07, On-Sale—6/27/07

Written by JEFF PARKER
Penciled by ROGER CRUZ
Rated A …$24.99


Image Moon Knight #11:
Great minds think alike…and sometimes they’re thinking about how best to beat you senseless with your own limbs, as Marc Spector learns in Moon Knight #11. His former protégé Midnight has returned with a vengeance and the penultimate chapter of the acclaimed series’ second arc brings the titular hero a new ally: The Profile! Guest-starring Iron Man and tying into the wildly popular The Initiative storyline, noted crime novelist Charlie Huston and rising penciling star Mico Suayan raise the stakes for a bruised & battered Marc Spector!

“All I can say is sit back and enjoy the ride,” exclaimed Kenneth Gallant of BrokenFrontier.Com of Moon Knight, further describing the series as, “nothing short of being a truly gritty exposé on a fallen hero.”

Martijn Form of SilverBulletComicBooks.Com concurred, saying, “The more issues of Moon Knight I read, the more I like this book,” also predicting that new series artist Marco Suayan “will become the industry’s next top artist.”

Fallout from Civil War, friend against friend and The Profile’s unique perspective on what makes Moon Knight tick—all that and more in Moon Knight #11!

MOON KNIGHT #11 (MAR072100)
Penciled by MICO SUAYAN
Parental Advisory …$2.99
FOC—5/31, On Sale —6/20/07


Image Hedge Knight II: Sworn Sword #1:
One of summer’s most anticipated sequels arrives this June, as Marvel Comics & The Dabel Brothers present the latest adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s Hedge Knight II: Sworn Sword #1 (0f 6). Continuing the acclaimed comic book translations of the New York Times best-selling Hedge Knight novels, Mike S. Miller and Ben Avery return with Ser Duncan and his new apprentice Egg, now a year wiser since the original Hedge Knight mini-series.

When it comes to adapting this popular George R. R. Martin series of novels, Miller and Avery are hit with fans and critics alike. “The Hedge Knight is well worth picking up and remains a stunning example of both the visual and literary potential of the comic book medium,” raved Adam Volk of SFSITE.Com.

ImageA similar sentiment was echoed by Javier Lugo of SilverBulletComicBooks.Com, who described the series as, “A great story, an excellent adaptation, superior artwork and coloring in a well-priced package, George R. R. Martin’s The Hedge Knight is certainly worth every penny spent.”

After Dunk & Egg encounter an aged knight named Ser Eustace, who soon accepts Dunk as his sworn sword, things seem to be looking up…but Eustace’s other sworn sword doesn’t take kindly to his new comrade in arms! And just what side did Ser Eustace take in the legendary Battle of Redgrass Field?

Featuring a stunning variant cover by red-hot artist Leinil Yu (New Avengers), Hedge Knight II: Sworn Sword #1 is a can’t-miss for fans of the original limited series—now available as a premiere edition hardcover. This June, the Hedge Knight rides again and you can’t miss a moment of this epic limited series!

Adapted by BEN AVERY
Penciled by MIKE S. MILLER
Variant Cover by LEINIL YU
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC – 5/31, On-Sale – 6/20/2007

Written by GEORGE R. R. MARTIN
Adapted by BEN AVERY
Pencils & Cover by MIKE MILLER
Variant Cover by MIKE MILLER
Rated T+ .$19.99


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