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Open for Commissions!

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Fish-Smackin' Knight

Postby thehoyt » Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:56 am

Hey guys! in case anyone's wondering i'm CURRENTLY AVAILABLE for commissions!

Each penciled and inked piece is done by hand on 11x17" bristol art board and the colors are done via photoshop. the pricing is as follows per character in the commissioned piece:

head- $5
full body - $10

lineart (pencil)
head - $10
full figure - $15

lineart (inks)
head - $15
full figure - $25

head - $20
full figure - $35

you can find examples of my previous work in my gallery on my deviantart page listed below. please be sure to check that out first.

i will get your commission done as soon as possible.

i don't wish to draw anything sexual or erotic and retain the right to turn down any commission for any reason i so choose. all commissions will be uploaded via deviantArt to my gallery and also emailed to you(the commissioner.) the pencil and ink works may also be mailed to you free of charge. i also retain the right to use the image for any non-profit promotional use. turnaround for each penciled and inked piece is 1-2 days for colors it's 2-3 days.

Payment is to be made VIA PAYPAL ONLY.

half of the fee is required upfront (before i begin) and the other half is to be paid upon completion of the commission. if for any reason i cannot finish a commission or choose not to finish a full refund will be given. if you're interested just drop me a note including what level of art you want the finished piece to be(head sketch, full body inks, full body color, etc...) along with what character(s) you would like done.
upon receipt of the note i will note you back with the price to paid in total(half to be paid upfront and the rest to be paid once the piece is done.) and when you should expect your commission to be finished as well as my paypal email. once i receive your payment i will note you again and begin your commission. you may feel free to contact me via email or through here for updates on your piece and i will gladly convey to you the current status of your commission.


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