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Black Panther: MWOF #523 (He is the hunted Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Wed Sep 14, 2011 1:42 pm

Black Panther kicked a serious amount of ass in this issue, he was taking some fucking names. I loved the little nod to Watchmen in the Police Station scene, and then when he’s breaking people’s arms and catching guns in mid-air… just bad-ass. I will say that the wrap-up of this arc seemed a little rushed, all of the problems that had been set up where wiped under the table, but it’s a minor issue. I can’t wait to see where Liss takes things now, there’s a new American Panther by the looks of it, and he may be an old name, and next issue there’s a new sub-title! I wonder what it is exactly that makes Black Panther the most dangerous man alive? Based on this issue it’s his ass-kicking skills, but I bet there’s more to it.
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Stephen Day

Wrasslin' Fan

Postby Stephen Day » Sun Sep 18, 2011 4:52 pm

I agree with you about everything you said.

I can't wait to see whop the new American Panther is.

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