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JLI #2 (Guy Gardner's Appletini Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:29 pm

A lot of fun. This is a very traditional superhero team-book, with all the bickering and banter you’d expect, but it’s very well done and features characters I really like so it’s no bad thing. I love that comics has room for something as experimental as Casanova in the same week an old-school book like JLI. It was great seeing the team out of their element and bickering, the back and forth between Rocket Red and August General in Iron being a particular highlight. I also liked Godiva’s flirting with Booster, which was very funny. The threat of the Signal Men is interesting, and is that Mongul on the last page? I loved seeing Andre Briggs stand up to Batman and the reactions that caused too. I must also say that Aaron Lopresti’s art has never looked better, there were panels that reminded me of Terry Dodson. Oh yeah, and the first mention of Skeets in the new DCU, now that I know he’s not been erased from history I can put down my pitchfork.

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