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Mighty Thor #9 (Be-Iced Swine Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Wed Jan 04, 2012 7:30 am

This book is moving slowly at the moment, but in a direction that I’m liking. We only see Thor at the beginning and end of the issue, but the real focus is not on him, but on what’s going on without him. The scene with Loki and Don Blake was great, and Fraction plays Loki’s confusion about how he remembers Thor brilliantly. I’m also very interested in the All-Mother’s plans to democratise Asgard, it’s such a weird idea, but one that fits, the Gods have moved to America, a country that holds no truck with absolute monarchy. I personally would vote for Volstagg. It was also cool to see Tanarus fight alongside the Avengers, and how he’s different from Thor, more vicious, but I suppose he his a troll. Ferry’s art was as always very strong, and it’s a testament to Pepe Larraz that I couldn’t really tell which pages he was drawing, his style matched Ferry’s very well. I must say that the scene at the end where Silver Surfer reveals Mjolnir may be my moment of the week so far, especially when it empowered Thor wherever he is. And how weird is the Surfer? Letting crows eat his guts just to experience it? Fraction is really having fun with the character both here and in Defenders, you never know what to expect with him at the moment, and it’s exciting.

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