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Demon Knights #5 (Wallbreaker Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Wed Jan 25, 2012 10:31 am

Finally! The big battle finally kicks off at the end of this issue after a bit too much build-up for my liking. Here’s hoping that #6 kicks a serious amount of ass to make up for lost time. Not that the build-up wasn’t good storytelling, but I wanted some swords and sorcery action. The revelation that Vandal Savage is a traitor came as no real surprise, but it was well done, nothing helps make an even shocking like killing a child. I also liked that Savage’s position with the Questing Queen is hardly secure, he kissed her, which is sure to piss of Mordru. I can imagine him bouncing back to our heroes eventually. The conceit of Mordru and the QQ trying to tempt over each member of the Demon Knights was a little repetitive, but it did shed light on all of the characters and develop them, especially Al-Jabr, who is probably my favourite character, it’s rare to see a sceptic in fantasy stories, and it’s a fun position, he reminds me of a medieval Iron Man, fiercely pro-science in the face of what is obviously magic.

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