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The Shade #5 (Call me Richard Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:59 am

Another very enjoyable issue of The Shade, and one made even better by Robinson being joined by Javier Pulido’s artwork. Pulido has always been a favourite of mine, and while he’s not quite as experimental in his layouts as the similar Marcos Martin, he’s still very stylish and perfect for this story and character. The best thing about this story was the introduction of La Sangre, who not only expanded the global side of the DCU as we see which ‘hero’ protects Barcelona, but also added a never before seen wrinkle to The Shade’s character, in that she’s his adopted daughter. Oh yeah, and she’s a vampire. (Nice nod to Andrew Bennett in this issue, I wonder if La Sangre might show up in I, Vampire? That would be excellente). I’m sure some purists will complain about how come Shade never mentioned this in 80 or so issues of Starman, but he’s always been a secretive fellow, and Robinson did tie it into a mystery about the character, how exactly he turned completely from a man with shadow powers to a full shadow-being. This is an excellent mini, yes it’s a little verbose, but it’s a fun journey around the world of the DCU and the through-line of The Shade’s blood is a strong one. Forget your continuity concerns and whether or not it’s on Earth-2 or whatever and just dive in!

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