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Uncanny X-Men #8 (Imperious Sex Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:15 pm

After a very poor issue last month, this one was a welcome return to form. We’re still dealing with Tabula Rasa, but there was a lot less annoying Unwife bull-crap, and a lot more of Colossus kicking ass and Namor getting it on with a weird fish thing. I’m serious here, but does anyone write a better Namor than Kieron Gillen? He just gets every single line of dialogue right, his interactions with Hope in this issue were simply brilliant. The Colossus stuff was also very interesting, as we see more of the impact becoming the Juggernaut has had on him, and it’s worrying indeed, this plotline is getting dark, and fast. I also really liked the coda of the issue, with Magneto confronting Psylocke. Betsy’s loyalties are divided between Cyclops and Wolverine at the moment and we haven’t seen much of that so far, but it looks like it’s taking it’s toll. I think this issue proved my point about the problems with UXM being the lack of focus on the actual X-Men, this issue was all about the characters, and it worked a lot better. Bring on a team-up with the Avengers and the return of Pacheco!

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