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Blue Beetle #7 (Define "ball-park" Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:26 am

Jaime hits the Big Apple for another solid issue of Blue Beetle which introduced some cool new threats to Jaime, and not just of the supervillain variety. Yes we got that weird monster that eats cats and Short-Timer and Stopwatch, but there was also the threat of media perception! Somebody caught Blue Beetle hitting Brenda on camera, and he’s now the poster-child for out of control superhumans in the media. I enjoyed seeing Jaime’s misadventures in New York, particularly the scene with the ATMs, and the bickering between him and the suit never really gets old. You could tell he was going to get blamed for the jewellery robbery, that’s as cliché as it gets, but I suppose it was on purpose, to really bring up that classic Spider-Man feel. I did like the reveal that using his powers had caused Short-Timer to age from a teenager to a pensioner, it added an element of tragedy to the character. Marcio Takara’s art was decent stuff, it kept up the tone that Ig Guara has established. I wonder how long Jaime will be in New York for? The little we saw of El Paso showed that there are a lot of loose ends.

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