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Haunt #23 (Where's the fire guys? Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:59 pm

This book continues it’s excellent run with an issue that was a little less crazy, but no less good. Daniel returns to New York and finds out that he’s the subject of a murder investigation. Which makes sense, I was waiting for the fall-out of that violent outburst. We also find out that the Church that Daniel used to ‘work’ at was not an ordinary church, but part of the evil Second Church. It seems like a rather convenient retcon, and in some ways it’s silly that this never came up before, but I can buy Daniel not paying enough attention to notice all of this fucked up shit, he was too busy smoking and sleeping with hookers. Was anyone else kind of freaked out by the scene of Kurt watching his wife having sex? Her blank expression was kind of worrying. But not as worrying as the giant fire-monster that’s tearing up the city! Nathan Fox kicked ass on that thing, it was recognisable as a monster, but also looked like flame, constantly shifting. Fox really is bringing it on this title, this book is flying under too many radars, and it shouldn’t be, because it both looks, and reads awesome.

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