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Rocketeer Adventures 2 #2 (Robot Rustlers from Mars Spoilers

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Postby Punchy » Sun Apr 22, 2012 12:43 pm

Woah, that’s a lot of 2s. This was another very enjoyable issue, and another feast for the eyes with some fantastic artwork. Colin Wilson’s art in the first story was wonderfully grimy, perfect for the chilling depictions of the random French field that Rocketeer had crash-landed into, it looked like real warfare. The second story was a nice bit of fluffy fun, and it was very interesting to see Bill Morrison draw something in his own style, rather than in Matt Groening’s for once. The final story was probably the best one, I just love JP Leon, his style is just so… stylish. And hey, Judy Garland guest-appearance! It was cool to get some Walt Simonson writing in the same week as we got some of his art on Avengers. The Simonson revolution continues! And hey, he’s drawing a story next time. This book is a fantastic tribute to Dave Stephens, just wonderful.

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