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Wonder Woman #9 (Eternity doesn't end Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Mon May 21, 2012 8:41 am

Is this the least romantic wedding we’ve ever seen in the world of comics? Yeesh. The build-up to Wonder Woman and Hell’s nuptials begins here, and it’s a typically strong issue, with lots of creepiness, I really love Azzarello’s take on Hell and the Underworld, the stuff with Persephone freaked me out, and then his talking throne… bloody hell. It was also cool how this issue brought back some of the other Gods we’ve seen previously, like Strife and War, Azzarello’s reinterpretations of these classical characters is one of the best things about not only this title, but the whole reboot in my opinion. We even got a ‘new’ God here, in Aphrodite, who of course is totally hot and completely naked. I was glad that Tony Akins didn’t go for the obvious route of a hair-bra, but instead used clever perspective to keep things PG. Akins continues to do a great job as a fill-in artist, at the start of each of his issues I’m kind of bummed that there’s no Chiang, but by the end, I appreciate what Akins is bringing to things. I wonder how Diana is going to get out of this predicament, maybe she’ll just marry Hell and this book will turn into a domestic soap opera? Hah!

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