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Invincible Iron Man #518 (Thrown lightning in jail! Spoilers

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Postby Punchy » Sat Jun 09, 2012 1:13 pm

‘Long Way Down’ continues to move all of Fraction’s long-running subplots along very nicely, and this issue did a particularly good job of marrying plot progression with awesome action. So not only did we get the continuation of Spy-Master’s attack on Stark Resilient, but also the real debut of the all-new (except not that new because it’s Rhodey) Iron Man. Rhodey’s debut was the best part of this issue, the suit looked awesome, Larrocca kicked ass on it. I loved how it built on what the War Machine suit could do in Iron Man 2.0 (and that title is now very appropriate), the speech bubble was lovely and old-school, and Rhodey reciting Muhammad Ali was just perfect. I found it very interesting that Tony Stark only appeared in 1 page of this issue, that’s a real testament to the size of the world and story that Fraction has developed. We don’t need Tony when all of the supporting characters and most of the villains have their own, well-realised stuff going on. Stane Vs Mandarin, Detroit Steel Vs Sasha Hammer, Spy-Master Vs his own love for Cababa, it’s all important.

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