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Hulk #53 (Require adult supervision Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Jun 09, 2012 1:15 pm

Holy crap does Dale Eaglesham draw a great Hulk, he’s actually hulking, what a fantastic fit for this title, the perfect halfway point between the exaggeration of McGuinness and the relative realism of Hardman. This issue picks up a dangling plot-point from the A-Bomb back-ups this book had when it was $3.99, as we see how Rick kind of messed up in his chasing down of the mysterious ancient Mayan bad guys. It’s pretty clever of Parker to revisit this stuff, but I must admit I had almost forgotten about it, but then that’s my fault. What it all boils down to is Rulk, A-Bomb and Machine Man team-up with Alpha Flight to fight the Mayans. It’s always fun to see Alpha Flight show up, even if the last time I read a story with them in, most of the team in this issue were dead. I’m guessing Pak and Van Lente’s short-lived series brought Puck and all the rest back to life? Makes sense, no matter how hard people try, the ‘classic’ line-up always comes back. The ending of this issue was a good shocker, there’s no way the She-Hulks are dead, but I’m interested in seeing how they’ll come back. But once again, the real star here was Eaglesham, if you doubt his talent, just look at the cover!

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