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The Boys #67 (You leave that man alone Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:27 am

Does anyone else’s cover to this issue have it as #66? Does this make it more valuable? Speculators, help me out! It really seems that this arc is twisting things round and making Butcher the ultimate villain of the series. First he kills Vas, now he’s killed The Legend, and also it’s been revealed that he killed MM’s ex-wife and threatened his kid. Fucking hell! Ennis did the same thing in Preacher were he turned what you thought was a loveable rogue in Cassidy into a bad dude, and if anything it’s even worse here. I was really freaked out by the stuff with MM and his daughter, due to his messed-up genes, she may look 20 or so, but she’s actually 12. And she’s been in porn! Incest porn! What the fuck? That is all kinds of wrong. So wrong. But it’s not all disgusting paedophilia and murder in this issue, I did like seeing Hughie man up on the phone to Monkey, he’s really evolved throughout the series. The way he worked out what Vas’ text message was about was good detective work too, Wee Hughie, a shining beacon of hope in a shitty world!

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