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Fantastic Four #607 (Just wanna ride the elephants Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Jun 16, 2012 9:35 am

Reed and Sue take the kids on a field trip to Wakanda that’s equal parts funny and scary. I really enjoyed the initial few pages, especially when T’Challa have Bentley a verbal smackdown. That was a lot of fun. I also liked that Hickman revealed that even though there was no more Vibranium, Wakanda is still rich as hell, it was a refreshing antidote to the story I was expecting. And then some Ancient Egyptian Zombies showed up, which was cool. The flashbacks were the kind of portentous Hickman dialogue I usually dislike, so that was a negative, but I am intrigued as to what’s going on here, the FF are always at their best when exploring the unknown. Guiseppe Camuncoli’s art was good here, it’s interesting how different his art looks when inked or finished by different people. Whether it’s Stefano Landini on Hellblazer, Klaus Janson on Amazing Spider-Man or Karl Kesel here, his pencils can be made to fit almost any tone, which is rare, and of course, it also highlights the underappreciated importance of inkers.

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