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Superboy #11 (Please define borrowed Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Jul 15, 2012 8:10 am

Once again, an issue of Superboy begins in a completely disconnected way to the previous one. Last month we left Superboy and Wonder Girl on a mysterious island about to fight a dinosaur, and now he’s completely fine, living it up in New York with the purple dude from the Teen Titans. No mention of Wonder Girl, no mention of any dinosaurs or islands. I realise that the answers to my questions can be found in the most recent issue of Teen Titans, but is it too much to ask for Superboy to stand on it’s own as a title even a little bit? I don’t mind interconnected titles, but this is silly now. That said, this issue wasn’t actually that bad. RB Silva was back on pencils, which is always nice, and Bunker wasn’t nearly as bad a screaming gay stereotype as I had been led to believe. I also liked how Lobdell and DeFalco continued to show Superboy as a truly alien character, he doesn’t have the morality of a human, and it leads to him doing bad things like robbing banks. The villain, Detritus was pretty lame though. So yeah, this title is still so very frustrating for me, when it’s good, it’s very interesting, but more often than not, it’s way too linked in with other titles.

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