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Postby Arion » Wed Nov 02, 2011 6:15 pm

Timbales wrote:It's not 100% what I wanted, but I'm glad you like it.

J better watch his back

I think it looks fantastic, by the way, I've been checking your work on DeviantArt, and added one to my favorites gallery.
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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Wed Nov 30, 2011 1:32 am


N'Yaj, son of Jeremy Tableau, by Lucas Griego!!!
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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:08 am

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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Sat Dec 03, 2011 1:41 am



Man, these N'yaj pieces have filled me with so much glee, haha!! :-D :-D :smt026 :smt026
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Postby Arion » Fri Dec 09, 2011 9:14 pm

I like the last two.
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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Mon Dec 12, 2011 3:56 pm

I just got the last one in the mail. It looks even better in person!
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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Mon Dec 12, 2011 3:56 pm

#20: Jeremy Tableau and The Conductor

Page One

Panel One: We open up at the platform of a public train station. It’s near empty except for a few people in a tussle. On the floor is a guy, named Dallas, who’s strung out and high and dressed in a nice business suit, getting kicked in his stomach by our protagonist, Jeremy Tableau. Jeremy is a young black guy in his early 20s. Good looking and dressed in a white and black suit. Joining him is Gerard, Jeremy’s best friend, who’s dressed in Gothware and is half black, half Latino with cornrows. Approaching the scene is a civilian trying to stop the attack. Gerard is looking over his shoulder towards the civilian. Maybe add a business briefcase on the floor that belongs to Dallas.

Caption: Bringing you up to speed, name’s Jeremy Tableau, the Black Sheep. I’m the fine brother in the white suit. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Civilian: Hey! Hey!!

Panel Two: A shot now of Gerard looking over his shoulder.

Caption: This is my trustee right hand man, Gerard. And best friend. And much needed devil on my shoulder.

Gerard: You wanna leave.

Panel Three: Small panel shot. Vampire fangs have just popped out, revealing he’s a vampire.

Caption: I don’t need to say what else he is.

Panel Four: The civilian is running away as we see Jeremy, who’s knelt down, pull up the victim by his collar. The man is sweating and bleeding from his mouth as he’s pleading. Jeremy is cold.

Caption: And this is Dallas. Apparently he doesn’t understand the way the Serpent’s Tail Club is run now that I’m in command of it.

Jeremy: You been holding out on me, Dallas.

Dallas: Jeremy. Please…. It’s not my fault! Just give me another chance.

Jeremy: Nah. Don’t think so. I’ve got better use for you.

Jeremy: Gerard.

Panel Five: A small shot of Gerard’s hand grabbing Dallas’ collar.

Panel Six: Gerard has flung Dallas off the platform and towards the tracks. Dallas is still in mid-air as a train is about to hit him.

Caption: Hmm. This is gonna get messy.

Page Two

Panel One: A shot in front of the train with Dallas bursting into a blob of blood, some of his limbs flying about.

Caption: You might think that was fucked up. But have no fear, he served his purpose. You’ll see…

Panel Two: We’re inside of the train, behind the specific door that has stopped in front of both Jeremy and Gerard. In front of us is a figure in a blue dress shirt and a white pagri. We won’t see his face yet. This is the Conductor. I’ll describe him in a bit.

Caption: The man with the turban is The Conductor.He runs this magical train that acts as a teleporter. With the right summon and right price of magic, he’ll teleport you to wherever in the city you wish to go. As long as there’s a station.

Panel Three: The door has opened as Jeremy and Gerard are stepping in.

Caption: He’s also fast. It may seem like you’re riding for hours, but in actual time only a few minutes will pass.

Jeremy: Morning, afternoon, and night to you, Sartaj.

Panel Four: We’re now inside of the train. It’s completely empty except for our protagonists and an Indian man standing before them. This is Sartaj, the train’s conductor. He is wearing a blue dress shirt and black slacks and a white pagri (turban) wrapped around his head. He has a black beard with a white streak down the middle. He looks to be in his 40s-50s. He has a serious look on his face. Have Gerard sitting down, slouched on a seat. The train doors are closed as they’re now moving.

Sartaj: Black Sheep.

Jeremy: Conductor. You look displeased. Were you not a fan of my offering?

Sartaj: It was human blood. It is forbidden.

Jeremy: Shhh. I won’t tell if you don’t.

Panel Five: Now Jeremy is sitting next to Gerard, his arms behind his head and his legs crossed and against a pole. I would like panels 5 and 6 to be side by side, that way the dialogue bubbles can go back and forth. So Jeremy is on 5 while Sartaj is on 6.

Jeremy: Now, cutting to the chase: You are going to be shipping transfers of Unicorn Dusts.

Sartaj: You too? I’ve thought many things about you, Tableau, but never a stooge for the Serpent’s Tail.

Jeremy: They’re under new management.

Sartaj: Well, that’s promising to know. The answer is still no. I refuse to be part of drug trafficking.

Jeremy: Guess what, Conductor. I didn’t ask.

Page Three

Panel One: On a furious Sartaj.

Sartaj: You have some nerve. You use blood sacrifice to summon me when you know I forbid it and then you try to use force to have me do your evil bidding.

Sartaj: This is and will always be my house. You are a guest. Get your ass up off my couch.

Panel Two: On Jeremy and Gerard. Jeremy has his arms crossed but has a slight smirk on his face. Gerard looks bored.

Caption: Sigh.

Gerard: May I?

Jeremy: Must you ask?

Gerard: Thank you.

Panel Three: Gerard now has Sartaj by the throat. Have a multi-image of Gerard movements behind him to indicate how fast he approached Sartaj. He’s holding Sartaj up while he’s smiling with his fangs out.

Sartaj: Hhh!

Panel Four: We’re above/behind Sartaj as we’re looking down at Gerard and Jeremy who is looking up at Sartaj.

Jeremy: Here’s the deal. I am going to give you a portion of Unicorn Dust. You won’t be shipping them to specific places. You’ll be shipping them into the systems of your customers.

Jeremy: You’re a very resourceful transporter to a lot of magis in this city’s UnderUnderworld. They call on you for all things. I can only imagine how many powerful magis you’d have riding inside you. Pause.

Panel Six: On Jeremy.

Jeremy: Now… imagine their power in my hands. The Unicorn Dust… sucking them dry. They don’t need all that power, all their magickal essence. Why be selfish.

Jeremy: And with all that said, I will split the portions with you. If your answer is no… well, let’s just say in your current position, you can’t refuse-

Panel Seven: A shot of Jeremy’s eyes bulging.

Caption: …Fuck!

Page Four:

Panel One: Jeremy is kneeling to the floor, choking and gasping for air. His hands are at his throat.

Jeremy: Can’t….breathe…

Panel Two: Back to Sartaj and Gerard. Sartaj’s eyes are red. If we see Gerard, show his fangs out.

Gerard: I can kill you right now. Did you forget? I don’t breathe.

Sartaj: You seem to forget: This is my domain.

Panel Three: We’re now looking at the windows of the train as we see the sun shining brightly through it.

Panel Four: Black smoke is drifting and seeping out of Gerard as his skin is starting to turn a bit of a chalky color. He’s not fully turning into ash as he’s a half vampire of a specific vampiric race. He’s simply turning human. The ash is simply covering his skin and is his vampire skin.

Caption: Fear not, dear readers, he won’t die. Gerard’s specific race, when exposed to the sun, only turns human.

Gerard: Fuck. Fuck! Jeremy, do something!

Panel Five: Sartaj flicks his finger at Gerard, sending him flying. Show some of the ash flying off Gerard’s skin as he’s hit back from the force of Sartaj’s attack.

Sartaj: So much for power.

Caption: Ight, now he’s really starting to annoy me.

Page Five

Panel One: On Jeremy. He’s still kneeling down. One hand seems to be fused with the floor, the specific area he’s touching looking to be veiny while his other hand has a green ball of flame. The veiny area should also have a red shining Veve circled around Jeremy’s hand. The Veve should be this design that’s under Jeremy in this picture (

Jeremy: Tell me about it.

Panel Two: Jeremy has blasted Sartaj, engulfing him in flame, his clothes burning away.

Caption: Uuuh… this feels… so… fucking good…

Panel Three: Jeremy is now standing up, blasting Sartaj with the green flames, Sartaj is burning in pain. Gerard is in the background, groggily getting up.

Jeremy: You feel this? This is your power. I own you now. I spiked my offering to you with my own specific batch of Unicorn Dust. The other ingredients are my secret.

Caption: A mix of possession powder fish and other thingies.

Jeremy: And don’t think I don’t know that not only is this train your source of power… it’s also your life source, ain’t it? Your own brain, heart, and oxygen tank. How bout that?

Sartaj: …please…

Panel Four: On Jeremy.

Jeremy: I suck all the magickal essence from this train, you die. Feel like bluffing?

Panel Five: Jeremy now is holding a naked and burnt Sartaj by the throat.

Jeremy: Feel like bluffing?

Sartaj: No..

Jeremy: And what will you do after I get off this train?

Sartaj: I’m going… to transfer… the Unicorn Dust…to my riders.

Jeremy: Discreetly.

Sartaj: Discreetly.

Jeremy: I swear you know how to make a nigga happy! Now stop the train…

Panel Six: Jeremy and Gerard are now exiting the train. Jeremy has a smile on his face as he's adjusting his tie while Gerard is dusting the ash off.

Jeremy: … This is my stop.

Caption: On to the next one.
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Postby Arion » Mon Dec 12, 2011 10:55 pm

Greg wrote:I just got the last one in the mail. It looks even better in person!

Shouldn't you post it?
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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:42 pm

Page One

Panel One: We open up to a door that’s partially open. We’re in an apartment building and it’s late at night. There are no lights on the inside of the room. The lock on the door is broken.

Panel Two: A hand belonging to a black man is opening the door wider, revealing the apartment to be a wreck. Books, furniture, broken glasses are all scattered around, revealing someone has broken in or there was quite a large tussle throughout the room.

Panel Three: We reveal the person walking into the room. This is Jai Tableau, our protagonist of the story. He is tall and very muscular, wearing a three piece suit, no tie and the top of his shirt unbuttoned. He is a handsome black man, late 20s-early 30s. The door is now fully opened, light from the hallway illuminating the room.

Panel Four: Jai has stepped further into the room. We’re behind Jai as we see a man sneaking behind him with a wooden baseball bat, ready to strike. The man’s name is Charles. He’s 30-40 years old, average built. Any race, it doesn’t matter. He’s wearing a buttoned down shirt with slacks, his clothes ruffled to indicate he was in a scuffle. His right hand is wrapped in a bloody bandage. We don’t necessarily need to see him in full detail due to this shot generally being behind Jai.

Jai: Trust me, you don’t wanna do that.

Panel Five: The bat has ignited into flames in Charles’ hand. Jai is still not looking, his eyes glowing completely white. Charles is dropping the bat, his face in pain and shock.

Charles: Ahhhh!

Jai: Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Panel Six: Charles is on the floor, holding his burnt hands. The bandages are black and crispy and his right hand is missing two fingers. Jai is now standing in front of him, looking down. He’s a rather imposing figure. The bat is on the floor, the flames gone.

Charles: Go ahead. You came to finish me off. Get the fuck on with it.

Jai: Why would I do that? I don’t even know you.

Charles: Then why are you here?

Jai: Best I can call it is divine intervention. Now how ‘bout telling me why your place is all messed up.

Jai: But more importantly: what are you?

Page Two

Panel One: Charles is now sitting down on the floor, against a chair.

Charles: …Charles. My name’s Charles. And… I’m a zombie.

Jai (off-panel): I got that much. I can sense that. But there’s something else I can sense, but can’t quite figure it out.

Charles: I’m also a child of Morpheus.

Jai (off-panel): So you’re a zombie Dream-Weaver.

Charles: I’m no Dream-Weaver. A Dream-Weaver is a human who has the power to control dreams. I’m a direct being from the Dream World.

Panel Two: Jai is standing still, looking down. His arms are crossed.

Jai: That’s… impossible. How are you able to be in this world?

Jai: Wait… this isn’t your body. You’re possessing someone else’s body. But how… is it not forbidden?

Panel Three: Back to Charles, a pack of cigarettes in his hand as he’s pulling out one.

Charles: Yes. In a sense, it is. Many have tried, few have actually been able to pull it off. And it’s all been against the will of Lord Morpheus, the Grand Father and Ruler of the Dream World.

Panel Four: Back to Jai.

Jai: Does this have to do with why your place is like this and why you’re missing two fingers?

Panel Five: Charles is lighting his cigarette now in his mouth.

Charles: …Yes. Have you ever heard of the Hand of Mehn?

Panel Six: Close up on Jai, we see a reference image of the Hand of Mehn next to him. The hand has obviously different size and colors of fingers and parts of the hand. They all belong to different people, species, and are all infused together by lines indicating wounds closed by steaming heat. So the lines would be rather “bubbly.”

Jai: Yeah, I know of it. Mehn was a king who was greedy for power. He studied in sorcery and used his dark arts to fuse together different parts of various hands from different users of magick to form a source of great power.

Jai: He held great power until he was finally killed by a ploy devised and executed by nearly everyone in his kingdom. The hand was destroyed.

Jai: So whoever did this to you is hoping to create his own Hand of Mehn. But I’d assume you’re barred from power, no? At least from tapping into the magickal source of the Dream World.

Panel Seven: Charles is blowing smoke from his mouth, making a misty effect around his face.

Charles: My soul holds a magickal essence whether I can use the power or not. Now that I’m connected to this body, I’m fair game.

Page Three:

Panel One: Jai is now kneeling in front of Charles, looking him directly into his eyes

Jai: Who did this?

Charles: The people who helped me get this body years ago. I owed them, so they took my fingers years later as my payment. I’m fucked.

Charles: If Morpheus didn’t hate me enough already… If I go to sleep, he’s sure to get me.

Panel Two: On Jai.

Jai: Just give me a name. I promise if you give me a name, I’ll do everything in my power to-

Panel Three: On Charles, with a smile on his face. But he’s more so looking at him with a weak expression, as if he’s doubting Jai could help him.

Charles: Help me? Please. I know who you are. Jai Tableau. The prodigal son of Addam Tableau, the famous vessel of the Loa Vodou Gods. You’re hot shit.

Charles: But you can’t protect me from them. Especially with their new boss. You really don’t want to get involved. Trust me on that one. And if I talk… I’m a dead man. I just know it…

Panel Four: Back to Jai.

Jai: There’s a reason I was called to this place. I have a reason to be here. Someone brought me here.

Jai: A name, Charles.

Panel Five: Charles is rubbing his fist against his head.

Charles: Fuck… fuck! If I tell you, I have your word you’ll protect me?

Panel Six: Small panel on Jai.

Jai: My word is my bond.

Panel Seven: Charles is coughing, his hand to his mouth.

Charles: It was – cough- - cough-

Page Four

Panel One: Charles is throwing up on the floor. He’s on all fours, his eyes wide in pain. The vomit coming out of his mouth is filled with blood and maggots. Make it as disgusting as you can. Jai is jumping back from the vomit. Flies are also flying out of Charles’ mouth.

Panel Two: Charles is now dead on the floor; atop of the puddle of his own vomit. He’s pretty much thrown up his whole insides. Jai is looking down in disappointment, covering his nose and mouth from the stench.

Jai: Damn it.

Panel Three: We’re now at a spiral table in a dark lit room, filled with candles. We’re in the secret quarters of the Serpent’s Tail club. In the middle is a round table at the center. The table is large enough to seat about 7-10 people and has a spiral design of a serpent, the center being a serpent’s head and the jaws wide and looking up with a lit candle inside of it. We’re mostly focusing on their leader, Jeremy Tableau, who’s standing at the table. He resembles Jai, but is slimmer. He’s wearing a black button down shirt and white slacks. He’s rolling up his sleeves of his right arm. Next to him is Gerard, his vampire best friend who’s dressed in Gothware. Gerard is half black, half Dominican and has corn rows. When he’s speaking, make sure to show his fangs. There are a few other people, humans and demons around to observe what is going on. Everyone is standing, no one is sitting. Behind Jeremy is Locali, a snake-headed demon in a brown suit.

Locali: Sssssir. Charlesssss issss dead.

Jeremy: Yeah? That means he tried to snitch. Motherfuckers just can’t keep their mouths shut. So my little hex worked. Who’d he try to tell?

Locali: Jai Tableau. Your brother. We sssshould be consssserned.

Jeremy: Really now. Well, Locali… Trust me. We really don’t need to be concerned. Now, Gerard, if you’d please.

Panel Four: Close in on Jeremy and Gerard. Gerard is slightly worried; Jeremy has a smile on his face.

Gerard: Dude, you dead ass sure ‘bout this?

Jeremy: Just sign along the dotted line. Now… as thou loves me.

Gerard: Fuck you.

Jeremy: I knew a little Shakespeare would get you to co-operate.

Panel Five: An intense shot of Jeremy’s right hand placed on the table, his wrist dotted in black ink. Gerard has an axe in his hands as he has it raised, about to strike down upon Jeremy’s hand.

Gerard: Last chance, man. I really don’t want to do this.

Jeremy: Do this, you have permission to suck my blood.

Page Five

Panel One: Gerard has struck Jeremy’s wrist, blood bursting everywhere. Jeremy is shouting in pain, holding his now decapitated arm with the other, his right hand on the table.

Jeremy: FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Panel Two: Tight on Jeremy as he’s shouting, sweat pouring down his face.

Jeremy: My new hand, quick! What the fuck!?

Panel Three: A member has brought a closed wooden box and brought it to Jeremy.

Jeremy: Open it, you fucking idiot!

Member: Sorry, sir!

Panel Four: We’re tight at the box now opened, exposing a Hand of Mehn. Fingers belonging to different people, species, and having different colors/skin tones. The same burnt lines surrounding the hand to indicate closed wounds made by heat.

Panel Five: Gerard has placed the hand of Mehn on Jeremy’s bloody stump. Jeremy is holding his wrist with his left hand which itself is igniting green flames as his eyes are glowing green. The flames are surrounding and infusing the Mehn hand onto his wrist/stump.

Gerard: I swear, you’re one crazy ass nigga, my dude.

Panel Six: Close up on Jeremy, his eyes green as he has a devious smile on his face and his new hand by his head, wiggling his fingers. Have blood on his forearm starting from his wrist.

Jeremy: Feel like testing out a new hand job?



Postby chaptse » Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:03 am

thanks for sharing
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Postby Arion » Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:24 pm

Hey Greg , it's been a while since your last update.
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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:04 pm

Arion wrote:Hey Greg , it's been a while since your last update.

You been reading?
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Postby Arion » Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:31 pm

Greg wrote:
You been reading?

Oh lawd, I done so. Aye.
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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:55 pm

Arion wrote:
Oh lawd, I done so. Aye.

Ah. Just that I never got any responses or feedback from the stories.
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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Fri Jul 20, 2012 4:28 pm

Previously: Jeremy Tableau, also known as the Black Sheep in the magick community, began an affair with Selene, the daughter of Morpheus, the God of Sleep and the King of the Dream World. Their affair resulted in a child of the Dream World named N’yaj. Initially forbidding Jeremy from the Dream World, Morpheus allowed Jeremy to see his son once every two months. N’yaj, wanting to be close to his father, accidentally summoned the spirit of Uncle Gunnysack, the Haitian boogeyman and former kidnapper and torturer of Jeremy when he was a child. Gunnysack killed various children of the Dream World and kidnaps N’Yaj. Jeremy is able to defeat him but is then banned from ever returning by Morpheus.

Depressed, Jeremy, with support from his vampire best friend, Gerard, begin to act out in strange fashion. He kills Harry Salvator, the leader of the Serpent’s Tail, an evil secret society of magis and takes over the group. He distributes Unicorn Dust, a magically drug that sucks magick essence out of its users and feeds the power to Jeremy. Jeremy also creates a Hand of Mehn, a hand with the fingers and parts of various powerful magis and replaces his hand with it, giving him even more power. It appears Jai, Jeremy’s brother, is on his tail…

#22: Jeremy Tableau and the Invasion of the Dream World

Page One

Panel One: We open up in the Dream World, in the skies where the grounds are covered with clouds. Jeremy Tableau, our protagonist, is standing tall with a smug smile on his face. He is wearing an all white three piece suit. He is a handsome black man in his early 20s. Jeremy’s right hand is replaced with a Hand of Mehn, fingers belonging to different people, species, and having different colors/skin tones. His hand is surrounded by green flames. He is looking down at Morpheus, the Greek God of the Dream world, who is weakened and beaten as he’s trying to crawl away. Morpheus is a large, usually imposing man with a blue robe with blinking stars. He has a beard long to his chest. This image is almost a bit of a David and Goliath feel. They are on a bunch of clouds. There are creatures of various forms and color all looking at this scene, distraught and frightened. There are also Dream children on the ground, defeated and knocked out.

Caption: My name is Jeremy Tableau, and this has been a damn long ass time coming.

Caption: There at my feet is Morpheus, the Greek God of Sleep, and the grandfather to my son, N’yaj. Beating him to a bloody pulp is the happiest I’ve been in quite some time.

Panel Two: Morpheus has turned around, his face blooded and angry.

Morpheus: You would dare, Black Sheep? You have some nerve!

Panel Three: Jeremy leaning over him in a smug fashion.

Jeremy: This really surprises you? You know my rep. I’m not someone to fuck with. And you, lord, have fucked with the wrong nigga. I tried to appease you for my son’s sake. But I’m done. You fucked up.

Panel Four: Jeremy sends a massive fist into Morpheus’ face.

Panel Five: Jeremy is now holding Morpheus’ up by his neck. Remember the huge difference in size, so Morpheus would still sort of be on his knees while Jeremy is holding him up high in the air.

Jeremy: You took my world. I’m going to take yours. You’re wondering why you’re feeling so weak, aren’t you?

Page Two

Panel One: We’re looking at the skies, at the clouds. Green flames are burning away the white clouds.

Jeremy (off-panel): It’s my power, Morpheus. I’ve made a virus. Like a cancer it’s chipping away your world. Soon enough, no more dreams. No more nightmares. No more nothing.

Panel Two: Back to Morpheus and Jeremy.

Morpheus: You fool! You’ll kill your son! Selene!

Jeremy: Haha. This is only the tip of the ice berg, baby. I’m gonna make Selene and N’yaj human and they’ll be with me in the human plane.

Panel Three: On Morpheus, tears coming out of his eyes.

Morpheus: My children… they’re dying.

Panel Four: On Jeremy, his eyes closed as his head is leaning back, a smile on his face.

Jeremy: Do you feel that? They’re trying to escape through the bodies of sleepwalkers…

Panel Five and Six: We’re in the human plane as we see a montage of people getting up from sleep, from their beds, screaming as they’re burning in green flames.

Jeremy (off-panel): But I’ve got a fail safe for them. No escape. And I get to have their magick essence too…

Page Three

Panel One: Jeremy has brought Morpheus’ face closer to his, a large grin on his face.

Jeremy: How do you like me now, dad?

Selene (off-panel): Jeremy, stop!

Panel Two: Selene is rushing through a crowd of Dream children. Selene is a beautiful, pale woman with long black hair reaching her buttocks. She has a long white, form fitting gown on. Tears are dropping from her eyes.

Selene: Jeremy! Stop this! Now! Look at what you’re doing!

Panel Three: Jeremy throws Morpheus aside while Selene is rushing to her father.

Jeremy: I see what I’m doing. This is for you. You should be happy.

Panel Four: Selene is by her father as she’s looking back at Jeremy, tears streaming from her eyes. Jeremy is looking down at them, angry.

Selene: Jeremy, you’re insane! You’ve been corrupted by power. This isn’t you. What will N’yaj think if he sees you like this?

Jeremy: Don’t you fucking dare! I’m doing this for him! He was a part of me. My being, my soul. And he was ripped away from me. Do you have any idea how that feels?

Panel Five: Selene is up at her feet, grabbing Jeremy by his face.

Selene: Dammit, Jeremy! Jeremy, you have to listen to me, okay? The reason why parents of a dream child from the human plane aren’t allowed to see their children is because of its influence on the parent. They go through a type of withdrawal. They start to lose themselves. It’s like a drug. My father went against his word and allowed you to see your son.

Jeremy: That sounds like a reasonable explanation. But… I still feel like shit.

Panel Six: Jeremy shoves Selene off of him and is walking towards Morpheus.

Jeremy: Where you going, Morpheus? I’m gonna force you to watch your kingdom burn down.

Page Four

Panel One: An all white figure is rushing towards Jeremy. This is N’yaj, but now has the body of a teenager instead of the two year old figure he previously had. He is still fully white with dark outline for eyes. Instead of one strand of hair, he now has his hair tied back as dread locks. They are also white and are attached to his head as if it were all one.

N’yaj: Dad! Stop! Please!

Jeremy: N’yaj...

Panel Two: The two are in a tight embrace.

Jeremy: My boy. God, look how you’ve grown. I see your powers are developing.

N’yaj: Dad, please. You can’t do this. This is my home.

Panel Three: They’re now looking at each other.

Jeremy: I’m doing this for you, kid. If you knew the shit I’ve been through-

N’yaj: This is evil. You’re worse than Gunnysack, Dad.

Panel Four: We’re on Jeremy, his eyes wide.

Panel Five: His eyes are now closed in anger, tears coming out his eyes.

Jeremy: No… no…

Page Five

Panel One: N’yaj is gripping onto Jeremy in a hug, Jeremy looking at him, tears down his face.

N’yaj: Dad, please stop this.

Jeremy: I’m not worse than Gunnysack… I’m sorry… Get off me, son.

Panel Two: Jeremy is now floating up in the air, green flames surrounding him. N’yaj and everyone else are looking up at him.

Selene: Daddy?

Morpheus: He’s removing the virus. I can feel it. It’s done.

Panel Three: Back to Jeremy, as he’s now standing in front of N’yaj, his hand to his son’s chin.

Jeremy: It’s done. The virus is done. But I’m not…

Panel Four: Jeremy sends a flame blast at Morpheus, who’s now burning in pain. Everyone is standing around in shock and terror.

Jeremy: We’ll never be apart again.

Panel Five: Morpheus has been reduced to ash. Selene is knelt down by the ash, some falling from between her fingers. Tears are falling from her eyes.

Panel Six: Jeremy is now sitting down on a throne made of green flames as he’s looking down at his family.

Jeremy: Children of the Dream World, kneel down before your new king.

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