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Invincible Iron Man #521 (Pop Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Jul 22, 2012 6:49 am

The story jumps forward 6 months (which I’m sure will enrage some of the more continuity-minded readers out there, HOW THE HELL COULD IRON MAN HAVE BEEN AN AVENGER AT THE SAME TIME AS BEING A CAPTIVE OF THE MANDARIN FOR 6 GODDAMN MONTHS! Etc) but doesn’t drop the momentum at all, as the conflict between Tony Stark and the Mandarin continues. At the moment, it looks like Tony is completely beaten, he’s a captive, he’s being forced to build something for the Mandarin, and he can’t use his powers. It looks like what he’s being forced to build are ‘Titanomech’s which to me seem like the crazy robots Tony was hallucinating about way back in the ‘Disassembled’ arc. If so, that’s some very cool writing from Fraction, tying his whole run together expertly, he’s doing the same thing with Zeke Stane and Detroit Steel in this arc too. All of this Fraction/Larroca run is one epic story. But of course, even while it seems like Tony is completely beaten, he still has some aces up his sleeve, chief among them the new Iron Man, who continues to kick-ass in all of his short scenes. I find it interesting that not even Pepper knows that it’s Rhodey under the helmet, if Tony and Rhodey are being that secretive, I just have a strong feeling the plan will work. Also, General Babbage is dead! Hooray!

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