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The Secret Service #3 (Compliment wrapped up in an insult Sp

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Postby Punchy » Sun Jul 22, 2012 6:58 am

More over-the-top spy shenanigans from Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons. All of the plotlines move forward a little, as the operation of the villains gets wider and weirder. He’s no longer just kidnapping sci-fi actors, but now out-there scientists. I really hope the answer this mystery makes sense, because at the moment it just seems random. I find the struggles of Gary in Spy Training to be a lot of fun, Mark Millar is obviously having a blast playing with the James Bond tropes and it’s fun to see this stuff updated to a more realistic modern society, and to see the contrast between the upper class and people like Gary. I liked that Millar is both playing his Chavviness for a joke, but also showing that he does have worth. We shouldn’t judge people on appearance, which is important for a spy story really. Dave Gibbons’ art was excellent once again, he lends a sense of realism to a story that could wander into broad comedy too easily.

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