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The Unwritten #39 (G'day Motherfuckers Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:43 pm

Tom Taylor continues to be absent from his own book, but Carey and Gross haven’t let up in telling awesome stories, as this issue was full of exciting incident and revelations. Plus there was a Unicorn! Danny confronts the head of the whack-job Church Of Tommy, and discovers just how he’s been managing to disappear all of those people… he’s got Pullman’s magic hand. We also find out that Filby used to work for the Cabal, alongside Pauly Bruckner, and was present when Pauly got sent into the world of fiction as a rabbit. This is what turned him into a worshipper of Wilson Taylor and the Tommy books. I really liked this revelation, it’s great how deep the back-story of this world goes, and the colouring style used in the flashbacks was brilliantly vivid. The mystery of Didge continues to fascinate as well, she gets word-dissolved by Pullman’s hand, but somehow she pulls herself back together. What the? How did she do that? Does she hold the key to bringing back Lizzie Hexam? We did get a little closer to Tom returning was Richie speaks to him on the phone, but the tension is killing me! What’s up with our hero?

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