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American Vampire #29 (Murder At Dawn Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Jul 29, 2012 12:02 pm

Pearl and Skinner begin their search for Vampires in 1950s Hollywood, with predictably bloody results. It was a bit convenient that the first house they visited was housing a Vampire, it would have been more effective if we’d seen more of their search, or at least some kind of montage (or whatever that kind of thing is called in comics), but I guess space is at a premium in comics these days with only 20 pages. The confrontation was pretty good though, I especially liked the creepiness of the Lions, it was kind of a double twist, you think he’s leading them to Vampires, but no, it’s only his Lions, and then oh shit yeah there is a Vampire. The other interesting thing here is how Snyder is tying the events of this arc to what happened in the very first storyline, with Pearl reminiscing about the last time she was in Los Angeles and how it changed her life. Hopefully this story will have as much of an impact on our characters. I continue to be very impressed with how well Snyder is creating a large, fully realised world, both in terms of space, but also time, so not only did stuff from the 1920s pop up here, but also the events of the Survival of The Fittest mini, which are used to explain how the VMS have Skinner under control. It’s great how much continuity and back-story we have now for this book. I’m guessing the ‘sire’ of this crop of Vampires is someone we’re familiar with too.

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