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Dynamite Entertainment Previews for April 2

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Mar 31, 2014 6:06 pm

Dynamite Entertainment Previews for April 2

Mark Waid's The Green Hornet #11, Red Sonja #8, The Shadow: Year One #8

Source: Comics Continuum previews


Mark Waid's The Green Hornet #11

For years, the Green Hornet has been battling criminals and saboteurs and winning by the skin of his teeth. But now his luck's run out--because this new foe is one who was created by the Hornet himself!

Written by:  Mark Waid
Art by:  Ronilson Frere
Cover by:  Paolo Rivera
Subscription Variant Cover by:  Jonathan Lau
32 pages
$3.99  (US)


 The unstoppable warrior is honor-bound to continue on in a king's bizarre quest to find and capture the greatest artisans of the world, whether they want to be found or not! In this unforgettable story, Sonja seeks the finest animal trainer in the world...except he's trained them all for war, with only Sonja to stop them!

Written by:  Gail Simone
Art by:  Walter Geovani
Cover by:  Jenny Frison
Variant Covers by:  Nei Ruffino, Stephanie Buscema
32 pages
$3.99  (US)
Now bimonthly! In the aftermath of his sky-scraping battle with Big Gun Massaretti, Lamont Cranston hunts for the psychic super-villain who was puppet master to the belligerent mobster, the grotesque and mysterious Dr. Zorn. His pursuit takes him to all corners of the Big Apple, even as the NYPD are just beginning to hear reports of the dark-clad vigilante known only as The Shadow! Eisner Award winner Matt Wagner and artists Wildredo Torres and Brennan Wagner bring the classic pulp hero's fledgling adventures to life in this blazing hot ten-issue series.
Written by:  Matt Wagner
Art by:  Wilfredo Torres
Covers by:  Matt Wagner, Alex Ross, Chris Samnee, Howard Chaykin
(*each cover has its own UPC so you and your retailers can order the special cover of your choice!)
32 pages
$3.99  (US)

Written or Contributed by IvCNuB4


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