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Earth 2 #7 Preview

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Fri Nov 30, 2012 10:48 am

Earth 2 #7 Preview

Mr. Terrific makes his first appearance on Earth 2 since he left our world!

Source: Newsarama


• Who is Hawkgirl? The secret is revealed!
This issue will ship with two covers. The variant cover will feature the standard edition cover in a wraparound form 
• Don’t miss the aftermath of “THE GRUNDY APOCALYPSE!”
Written by:  James Robinson
Pencilled by: Yildiray Cinar
Inked by:  Trevor Scott
Cover by:  Ivan Reis, Gabe Eltaeb
Variant Cover by:  Ivan Reis
32 pages
U.S. Price: $2.99
On Sale:  December 5, 2012

Written or Contributed by IvCNuB4

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Staff Writer

Postby IvCNuB4 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:22 pm

I think Robinson made a smart move this issue to take the focus off of the new Wonders and start pulling together the threads he's been dangling for a while.

... possible spoilers



More with Wes Dodds and his Sandmen.
Michael Holt is found. And rescued.
The first glimpse of the still-under-construction Red Tornado. On this Earth Red is female !
And Amar Khan is starting to look like an interesting central player. In addition to the odd one-off line last issue about his "father", this issue he starts to get all up into Terry Sloane's business :twisted:
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crash test dummy

Postby Drcharles » Fri Dec 28, 2012 12:11 pm

Nice art, but the story like worlds finest is flat, again in the new year this title is dropped

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