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Marvel Comics Previews For July 16

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Jul 11, 2014 11:39 am

Magneto #7, Savage Hulk #2, Avengers World #9, Elektra #4, Uncanny X-Men #23, Silver Surfer #4

Source: Comics Continuum, CBR


Magneto #7

Magneto is on a one-man mission to safeguard the future of mutantkind by any means necessary. So far, he's done so by eliminating human threats… But what happens when it's MUTANTS who pose a threat to their own species?  Will Magneto cross a line and raise his hand to his own kind? And if so, just how far will he go ?

Written by:  Cullen Bunn
Art by:  Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Javier Fernandez
Colors by:  Jordie Bellaire, Dan Brown
Cover by:  David Yardin
$3.99  (US)

AN ALL-NEW SERIES BY SUPERSTAR ALAN DAVIS!!! While HULK and ABOMINATION have the clash of the century… …the X-MEN do the Monster Mash!  And PROFESSOR X plans to…terminate the Hulk ?!?
Written by: Alan Davis
Art by:  Alan Davis, Mark Farmer
Colors by:  Matt Hollingsworth
Cover by:  Alan Davis, Mark Farmer, Matt Hollingsworth
Variant Cover by:  Ryan Stegman, Jason Keith
$3.99  (US)

Cannonball and Sunspot have twenty-four hours in the future to find the help the Avengers need.  They’re just gonna stop for a drink first.
Written by:  Nick Spencer
Art by:  Stefano Caselli
Colors by:  Andres Mossa
Cover by:  Ryan Stegman, Edgar Delgado
$3.99  (US)

After escaping the ruins of Shicheng, Elektra corners the elusive Cape Crow at the edge of the world where she must finally decide his fate. Will the deadliest assassin in the Marvel Universe defeat Cape Crow and collect the biggest bounty of her career, or help the hardened killer and his son escape the psychotic assassin Bloody Lips?
Written by:  Haden Blackman 
Art & Cover by:  Michael Del Mundo
$3.99  (US)

Charles Xavier's last will and testament is discovered. But is something concealed within the pages that might be the X-Men's ultimate undoing ?
Writer by:  Brian Michael Bendis
Art by:  Kris Anka
Cover by:  Chris Bachalo
Variant Cover by:  Art Adams
32 pages
$3.99  (US)

In order to return alien abductee Dawn Greenwood home, the Surfer must travel to the one place in the galaxy he dreads the most... Planet Earth!   And what should be a quick drop off turns into turns into one very... strange adventure.  Featuring: DOCTOR STRANGE, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, and some surprise guest stars. Including those movie stars on the cover! 
Written by:  Dan Slott
Art by:  Mike Allred
Colors by: Laura Allred
Cover by:  Michael Allred, Laura Allred
$3.99  (US)

Written or Contributed by IvCNuB4


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