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Marvel Preview: Iron Man: Rapture #1

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Postby PREVIEWtron » Thu Nov 04, 2010 11:01 pm

Marvel Preview: Iron Man: Rapture #1Courtesy of Marvel Comics, here's an advance preview of Iron Man: Rapture #1, in stores on 11/10/2010!

COVER BY: Tim Bradstreet
WRITER: Alexander Irvine
PENCILS: Lan Medina
4-issue Marvel Knights limited series! A pulse-pounding cyberpunk thriller by Alexander Irvine (The Narrows) and Lan Medina (Deathlok: The Demolisher). The future belongs to Tony Stark. So when a violent heart attack pushes the billionaire playboy and visionary inventor to the brink of death, he's not about to go down quietly. Enter Stark 2.0 a fusion of man and machine unlike anything the world has seen before, an entity that will push its host past the brink of sanity as it attempts to recreate the world in its own image. With Stark Industries in lockdown, it's up to Starks's associates Pepper Potts and Jim Rhodes to stem a technological virus that might well contaminate the entire world. But to save the day, they'll need Tony's help if, indeed, there is anything left of him. Parental Advisory

PRICE: 3.99
IN STORES: November 10, 2010


Marvel Preview: Iron Man: Rapture #1

Marvel Preview: Iron Man: Rapture #1

Marvel Preview: Iron Man: Rapture #1

Marvel Preview: Iron Man: Rapture #1

Marvel Preview: Iron Man: Rapture #1

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