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A Poet's Mind by Alex Ness Ch.4

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Jan 01, 2014 9:47 am

A Poet's Mind by Alex Ness Ch.4

Alex Ness is back with another Indy Showcase volume of A Poet's Mind. In this next chapter Mr. Ness reveals a personal struggle in contrast with the balance of beauty and the irony of joy and pain.

The Pain and Joy of words of a poet.

When aimed right a poet will be able to write about anything using his or her life events and emotions as fuel for the words they write upon the page. As someone with a 14 year or so struggle with what has turned out to be a major disease that has been misdiagnosed for much of that time, I’ve earned, I think, the right to write some deeply dark poetry. However, as someone aware of the exhaustion factor in readers, who want a balance in what they read, you have to find the good as well as the bad to share with them.

So when life is hard, you do write using that pain. But, in what is therapeutic for you, you search for the positives as well, or that darkness that you write is just you bleeding onto paper. Eventually others become bored of it, and you burn out the purpose of writing. The channeling of emotions into non-pure or non-direct emotions does take work. A person who has been wrongly dumped in a relationship rightly wishes to write hateful words about the ex-lover. But pages and pages of it do nothing for the reader, the writer, nor for the prospects of publication. So, write a story or poem of a broken heart event, and use that pain. Then, instead of lingering in it, write a sequel of where you hope to be, writing a poem of finding love. That is, you write, if not for the readers, or possible publishing, FOR YOURSELF.

The balance between Pain and Sorrow, Joy and Happiness is important in anyone’s life. But a poet needs to realize that his ability to channel and aim his emotions onto paper can help him or her, help others, and write crushingly good poems torn from life.


I wrote a book called Winter Kill, and it is fabulously illustrated by Simon Huelbeck and Mark Orluck. It is 12 dollars for color art, and it is my autobiography. I mention it here because of all the times I talk about channeling words, here is an example of taking an entire, and I mean ENTIRE life, and turning it into a story. I am not entirely trying to promote it here, it is of course a matter of taste if you like poetry, but the people who read it and got back to, each told me it was the greatest thing they have ever read in their entire life. So I suspect it is good. I should note that, despite paying for people to proofread the work because I was dealing with my mother’s death, it has about 5 errors. I apologize that they reached print. There are reasons these things happen, but it is not an excuse.



I want to thank JM Hunter for his kind offering of space to chat about poetry here. I realize it might not be the most easy fit, but words and pictures often belong together and I am grateful for his generous time and effort.


On occasion I’d offer to my readers the opportunity to be the subject of my poem. In this poem I offered up the opportunity for anyone to send a pic, preferably of that reader, and I’d write to it, as a fictionalized character. My friend Saroya Poirier sent me the enclosed pic. She works as a belly dancer, and is a wonderful friend. There is no (known) romance between us, but fiction allows anything. So, enjoy…



She danced before me
And gave me hope
Her beauty alluring
Her eyes made me believe
That all was as it seemed
That her dance was a chance
To be
In her arms
In her wake
In her presence
To breathe in her scent
To hold her close
She thrilled my soul
And then
She walked off
The stage
And left
Her role
As the one in my eyes
Dancing before me
With such grace and beauty
And form
She moved
So movingly
She aroused me


By Alex Ness 1/01/14


For more of Alex Ness you can find him at his site:

and on facebook:

Written or Contributed by J.M. Hunter


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