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DC Preview: Knight and Squire #3

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Postby PREVIEWtron » Tue Dec 07, 2010 5:00 pm

DC Preview: Knight and Squire #3DC Comics has released an advance preview of Knight and Squire #3, in stores on 12/08/2010!
From the DCU Blog:

It may or may not be good to be the King, but it’s definitely an amazing time to be a Batman fan. Month in and month out, the writers and artists are knocking out some great books with a truly distinctive look and feel to them. Take Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton’s wry, action packed mini-series KNIGHT AND SQUIRE: it’s funny, playful and, in just two issues, the series has introduced a slew of memorable and quirky new villains.

In issue 3, on sale Wednesday, they deliver their unique take on a classic villain: Richard III. Something tells me that William Shakespeare probably didn’t envision Richard III trying to take back the country through the use of social networking and a cloned army of all the worst Kings of England.

The issue is chock full of cool nuggets, like Squire’s advice about how to play the rumour columns to your advantage and the revelation that someone’s uncovered the Squire’s secret identity.

Can’t wait til Wednesday? Here’s a look inside.

DC Preview: Knight and Squire #3

DC Preview: Knight and Squire #3

DC Preview: Knight and Squire #3

DC Preview: Knight and Squire #3

DC Preview: Knight and Squire #3

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